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Remove ice from your windscreen

It’s always the same. You’ve had a hectic morning; you’ve slept it in; your child’s had an accident that has delayed you; or you simply lost track of the time. Then, you go outside your door to discover your car windshield is covered in a coating of ice that the window wipers won’t clear.

It will test the patience of saint, but it doesn’t have to mean your day is ruined from the off. Removing ice from your windshield can be done quite quickly.

Firstly turn on your car’s engine, and turn your defroster fan to a low setting and your heat level to high. Don’t put on the high windshield defroster setting immediately as this could crack the window.

Ice scrapers and de-icing solutions are godsends but if you haven’t purchased yours yet, there are homemade solutions for you to try.

If you have some ethanol or vinegar handy, prepare a mixture of equal amounts water and ethanol or vinegar. Pour into a spraying bottle and start removing the ice with a scraper.

If you have neither ethanol nor vinegar, you can pour lukewarm water on the screen. But again, make sure that this is not too hot as it will crack your screen.

Breakdown assistance

Another problem to ruin your day is if your car won’t start. We provide breakdown assistance free for both Comprehensive and Third Party Fire and Theft car insurance policy holders. This includes:

  • Home Start
  • 24hr Roadside assistance
  • Vehicle recovery or Journey completion

We also offer optional windscreen cover. Get the cover you need for those unavoidable windscreen damages, giving you peace of mind. Best of all, your no claims bonus won't be affected.

If you don’t have a ready-made ice scraper, look around your house for objects that might help. A dustpan with a rubber end or a credit card may do the trick. Just be careful that your chosen item won’t scrape the glass.

Another word of warning: don’t leave your running engine unattended. Wait until you have your scraper and solution before turning on the car.

Scrape downwards and work your way into the middle of the windscreen to remove the ice. And enjoy your day.

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