Liberty Insurance reveals Irish driver behaviour

So how do we really drive?

Over half of all Irish drivers have admitted to driving over the speed limit in the last year with men more likely to do so (64%) than women (49%), according to new research commissioned by Liberty Insurance. The research encourages us to think more about driver safety by examining our driver behaviour and our observations of other drivers on Irish roads.

The top three bad habits that Irish drivers have admitted to are driving over the speed limit (56%), forgetting to dim lights when meeting on-coming cars (31%) and driving too close to the car in front (22%). Worryingly, 10% admitted to driving without a seatbelt in the past year and both sexes are guilty of taking their eye off the road with almost one in five of the driving population having admitted to eating, shaving, applying makeup or brushing hair while driving.

The research has been published to mark the start of Liberty Insurance’s Safe Driver Campaign which offers safer drivers 50% off their car insurance until 31st July, 2013.

Annette Ni Dhathlaoi, Head of Marketing, Liberty Insurance said,
"Many Irish drivers are guilty of bad habits such as tailgating, driving over the speed limit or taking our eye off the road which can lead to road accidents. Liberty Insurance has published the research to encourage people to be more cognisant of bad driving habits. We also feel strongly that safe drivers should be rewarded, hence the launch of our Safe Driver campaign."

Interestingly, the research also shows that what we admit to is often at odds with what other drivers experience on the road. For example, almost half of Irish drivers have experienced another driver forcing them to pull in to allow an overtake manoeuvre while only 4% admitted to doing this. Two-thirds of drivers have experienced another driver not using their indicator while overtaking but only 15% admitted to it. Most worryingly, only 1% admitted to driving without a seatbelt while children were in the car while almost 2 in 5 drivers have said they observed this in the past year.

The research, conducted by Millward Brown, also saw men admit to suffering more from frustration on the road with 24% unnecessarily beeping the horn compared to 16% of women while a quarter of women admit to having taken more than three turns when trying to park compared to 17% of men.

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About Safe Driver offer

A safer driver refers to having 5 or more years No Claims Bonus which must be earned in your own name. Discount is subject to minimum premium and is applied before optional covers and statutory charges. Offer ends July 31st 2013.

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