Research reveals just 35% of drivers have a first aid kit in the car

  • Only 32% of drivers have a high visibility jacket or vest in the car.
  • 8% of drivers believe it is safe to drive in flip flops.


Today, Tuesday 25th August, 2015:

Research conducted by Millward Brown on behalf of Liberty Insurance into driver safety behaviour has revealed that only 32% of drivers have a high visibility jacket in their car.

The research was commissioned by Liberty Insurance as part of its #DriveSafer campaign to coincide with end-of-summer holiday getaways. When drivers were asked:

  • An overwhelming proportion of the surveyed (83%), stated they would ensure to take their mobile phones with them when going on a long journey, but only 74% of the same people would take their driving licence despite the legal requirement to do so. Amongst the youth demographic only 50% would take their driving licence on a long journey.
  • 60% of drivers keep their sunglasses in their car, but only 37% of drivers have a torch.
  • Surprisingly over a quarter (26%) of drivers stated they do not have a spare tyre but 64% keep shopping bags for grocery shop in their car.
  • Only 35% of drivers have a first aid kit in their car, dropping to 28% among the youth demographic surveyed yet interestingly over a quarter (29%) of drivers store a St Christopher’s medal, holy water or other religious effects in their car.


With an increase in long journeys expected as the summer draws to a close, a surprising 8% of drivers believe it is safe to drive in flip flops, increasing to 12% of those in the youth demographic and most surprisingly to nearly 1 in 5 (18%) of those with a young family.

Only 28% would check for traffic updates ahead of driving on a long journey dropping to 16% among youth surveyed.

When asked if they would be more cautious when driving behind a car with a baby on board sticker, over half (55%) of the surveyed population stated they would not be any more cautious, this figure increased to 58% among females.

12% of respondents believe it is ok to text in the car when waiting at traffic lights despite the law banning this activity, with youth most likely to believe it is okay at 19%.

Annette Ni Dhathlaoi, Head of Marketing, Liberty Insurance said;
"Our research has revealed some surprising and alarming insights into driver safety behaviour and habits. We would like to remind people as the summer draws to a close to ensure your car is equipped with all the essentials to deal with an emergency breakdown, be it day or night in either an urban or rural area; don’t use your mobile phone, even when stopped in traffic; and follow our tips to #DriveSafer”.


Some quick and helpful tips to #DriveSafer ahead from Liberty Insurance:

  • Ensure you’re fully prepared in the event of an emergency breakdown, day or night, in either an urban or rural area; check that you have a first aid kit; a high visibility vest; a warning triangle; a torch; and a fully charged mobile phone. A high visibility vest is important even if you’re travelling during daylight hours. 
  • Remember to carry your Driving Licence (Provisional or Full) or Learner Permit on your person at all times when you are driving in a public place.
  • Do not use your mobile phone, even when stopped in traffic.
  • Wear footwear that is comfortable and appropriate for driving.
  • Check your oil and make sure your tyres (including your spare) are properly inflated according to manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Make sure you're well rested and try to get a good night's sleep before your journey.
  • Plan your route in advance to avoid the use of map apps while driving

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Editor Notes:


  1. Liberty Insurance / Millward Brown Tracking Research, May 2015

Additional Findings:

  • 20% of drivers believe that they can stay awake if they drink lots of coffee
  • 51% agree with the concept of a Sunday Driver
  • 41% of drivers agree that the model of car you drive says something about who you are
  • 37% of drivers believe that it is okay to drive into a yellow box if they are turning right
  • 46% of drivers do not check their tyres are inflated to the correct level ahead of going on a long journey
  • 31% of drivers put or were given a prayer for safe driving into their car the last time they changed it
  • Those going on a long journey are more than twice as likely (80% vs. 39%) to check their fuel gauge as those going to work
  • 28% of drivers believe that if they keep their car serviced they don’t need to worry about oil/tyre checks in between services.
  • 39% of drivers keep their driving licence in the car increasing to 45% among males and 44% among young families.
  • Only 50% of car owners keep any maintenance products in their car.