About Liberty Insurance

Let’s start with some answers to some very important questions.

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Who are we?

Liberty Insurance is part of the Liberty Mutual group, a group with over 100 years’ experience in providing insurance to millions of customers around the world. The Liberty Mutual group was founded on the philosophy of fairness and doing the right thing for customers. Since Liberty Insurance began operating in Ireland in 2011 we’ve been focused on delivering fairness; offering top class insurance products at a fair price backed up by best in class support.

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What do we do?

We offer a range of personal insurance products including car, motorbike, home and van. We also offer commercial cover for the business sector, and we provide knockout customer service as standard with every product. We’re here for you, we’re here to help, and we do it quickly.

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Where are we?

We have offices in Dublin and Cavan, with hundreds of staff dedicated to making the Liberty Insurance products best in class. We also have our Customer Support Centre in Enniskillen, so whether you’re in Donegal, Dungarvan or somewhere in between, you’re never more than a short call or a click away from a dedicated Liberty Insurance contact.

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Why do over 215,000 Irish customers choose Liberty Insurance?

Simply put, insurance the way it should be. We aim to offer you the best insurance products, the best customer support, the quickest resolution possible when you make a claim - we aim to be the best we can be as a business. We care about people, we treat everyone with dignity and respect and we are fair in everything we do.

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