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Liberty Insurance Culture and Values


Our Principles

  • We behave with integrity
  • We treat people with dignity and respect
  • We attract, develop and engage talent
  • We deliver an exceptional customer experience
  • We continuously improve and innovate
  • We execute thoroughly and seek excellence

Liberty Mutual have further developed the values into a creed that spells out what the principles mean in practice.


Our People

Ask the CEOs of 10 successful organisations what the key to their success is and 9 out of 10 will say it’s their people. The other one might say it’s the CEO.

At Liberty Insurance, our people are most definitely the driving force behind our successes and that’s because we employ people who share our commitment to provide insurance the way it should be.


Our Culture and Values

The values at the core of our culture are designed to bring out the best in our people and empower them to help protect our customers every day. We behave with integrity; we treat people with dignity and respect; and we do so differently than everyone else, with exceptional customer service


The Liberty Creed

"With our policyholders we are engaged in a great mutual enterprise. It is great because it seeks to prevent crippling injuries and death by removing the causes of home, highway, and work accidents. It is great because it deals in the relief of pain and sorrow and fear and loss. It is great because it works to preserve and protect the things people earn and build and own and cherish. Its true greatness will be measured by our power to help people live safer, more secure lives."