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Please read the following carefully. To obtain a valid online quotation, the following criteria must be met:

The property (including its outbuildings)

  • is not used for any business or profession other than for paperwork, telephone calls and computer work. If you run a child-minding business from home for up to three children we may still be able to cover you but you will need to contact us on 1890 89 1890.
  • is occupied solely by you, your partner or your family as your main home.
  • is not listed or subject to a preservation order.
  • is not a timber frame house built prior to 1985.
  • was not built prior to 1850.
  • is not a mansion, stately home, log cabin or chalet.
  • is not left unoccupied for more than 30 days in a row.
  • is maintained in a good state of repair and is not in the course of construction, renovation or extension (other than minor decorating).
  • does not have a history of flooding and is not situated in an area with a history of flooding.
  • does not have a history of subsidence, landslip of heave and is not situated in an area with a history of subsidence, landslip, or heave.
  • has never been repaired or underpinned or monitored in connection with subsidence, landslip, or heave.
  • is not within 200 meters of water such as a river, coast or a lake.
  • is built of standard construction i.e. built entirely of brick, stone or concrete and roofed with slate, tiles or asphalt.
  • is self-contained and has its own separate and lockable final entrance and exit doors.
  • the property is not a converted house subdivided into flats or bedsits.
  • has 2 or more smoke detectors.

If the property is an apartment or flat we cannot insure the building but we may cover your contents.

You or any person residing with you or any person with an interest in the property:

  • has never been refused insurance or had an insurance policy cancelled or special terms or conditions imposed by any insurer.
  • has never been convicted of an offence, or have any prosecutions pending other than a driving offence.

If you do not meet the above criteria we may still able to provide you with quotation over the telephone 1890 89 1890