Anna Geary Live Twitter Q&A

By Liberty Insurance on 11 September 2014
Anna Geary Live Twitter Q&A

Ahead of the Liberty Insurance All Ireland Senior Camogie Final, Cork captain, Anna Geary, answered questions last week about training, swapping her Cork jersey for the Cork Rose sash, and her favourite camogie memories. This was Ireland’s first ever live Twitter Q&A with a camogie player!

If you missed out on the action, check out Anna’s answers below. You can also look back at our previous Q&A with Galway hurler Joe Canning, and Liam Rushe. Or check out #GAAQnA on Twitter.

Q1. When are you coming to Cushendall so I can take you out on a date? Via @CahirDavid

AG. If you have the kettle boiled and a nice pack of biscuits we might see if Cushendall comes up in the SatNav.

Q2. Do you think it’s difficult to juggle your training schedule with work commitments? Via @alosmithy

AG. Not at all, everyone is busy with something. My work life balance is just about work and sport for now.

Q3. What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen on a GAA pitch? Via @OGarrigan

AG. Cork Camogie legend Fiona O Driscoll lost her skirt running up the field with the ball. She still scored.

Q4. Club or county All-Ireland? Via @The80sKids

AG. I have both so I am lucky. Won with Milford in March so now have a chance to do the same with Cork soon. Such a privilege.

Q5. Did you persuade any of your fellow Roses to take up Camogie? Via @SportforBusiness

AG. Yes, actually a few of the Roses are going back to foreign shores and are going to give it a go after seeing Croker.

Q6. Do you have any pre-match superstitions or rituals? Via @runningro

AG. Some are kept under lock and key :-). I always pack my bag the night before and leave my helmet off until the start of the game.

Q7. If the ‘Republic of Cork’ became a real country, who’d be president & presenter of Cork’s Late Late Show? Via @lemachine

AG. Sean Og O hAilpin would be the man for president. I think I’d like to take on the role of Late Late Show. Big couches for guests.

Q8. Blur or Oasis? Via @JoeyCan88

AG. Oooooh a toughie! Song 2 by Blue is a classic but I’d have to say Oasis. Wonderwall is a great sing song choice – if I could sing!

Q9. Do you fancy Kilkenny or Tipp in the men’s this Sunday? Via @More_DOR

AG. My head says Kilkenny but my heart wants Tipp. Just because it would be a consolation after them beating Cork. It will be tight.

Q10. D’ya think you could lift Marty Morrissey? Via @hotshots85

AG. Hmmm that is an interesting image. In the pre-season gym work next year I’ll give it a go, if my back is ok.

Q11. Who or what has been the biggest influence on your career to date? Via @KieranJFarrell

AG. My parents have been constantly there, pushing me out the door to training & keeping my feet on the ground.

Liberty Anna

Q12. If camogie had a transfer window who would you love to buy in the morning to join your team? Via @NoelMartyn

AG. It wouldn’t do us any harm if we could transfer Ann Dalton from KK in the morning. It could work in our favour for the final!

Q13. Getting dressed up for The Rose Of Tralee or putting on your gear for the #All-Ireland – which would you pick? Via @Mairead_W

AG. Depends on the day I’m havin’. Comfy day = camogie gear. But one’s heels can never be too high so I’ll go with the guna instead.

Q14. As a Cork lady, what’s your favourite ‘local’ expression that Corkonians use? Via @Dee_OSullivan

AG. There are so many to choose. “How’re you gettin’ on boi” always kickstarts a mighty conversation and you know it’s “real” Cork.

Q15. What’s been your favourite moment in a Cork jersey? Via @aleeshajulia

AG. 2006 winning the All-Ireland at no7. Was 2nd year playing Senior camogie – they say the 2nd year you’ve the most to prove.

Q16. Who was the most interesting person you met at the Rose of Tralee? @daithi_ose, your escort or another Rose? Via @ryanelainem

AG. All of the above really. @daithi_ose was mighty craic, made friends for life in the Roses & my “Hollywood” escort was great.

Q17. Who’s your toughest opponent ever? Via @colmQcusack

AG. The girl you mark at training should be your toughest opponent. Outside of Cork/ Milford it would be someone like @ursulajacob [Ursula Jacob].

Q18. What was it like swapping your Cork jersey for the Cork Rose sash? Via @rochekt

AG. I actually brought my Cork jersey with me to Tralee for the Cork Versus Tipp Hurling semi so I wore both at the same time.

Q19. Do you have a seat in the dressing room that’s yours alone? Via @hotshots85

AG. I tend to gravitate towards certain areas of different dressing rooms. I know where I’ll be putting my gear bag at Croke Park.

Q20. You’ve represented Cork on the pitch and in the Rose – what’s next? Xposé? The Apprentice? Via @markgoconnor

AG. If Xposé are looking for ppl, drop my name Mark ha-ha. Sure, you never know, The Sunday Game might be looking to mix it up.

Q21. How important would a win on Sunday be to Cork on a scale of 1 to 10 and why? Via @Diarmui91816470

AG. 10! We have not won since 2009 so for the future of Cork camogie, we need it. But KK will say they need it too, so who knows.

Q22. I’ve got 3-year-old twin girls who want to play camogie. What’s the best thing I can do to teach them? Via @markbrennan_

AG. Teach them to enjoy the game first and foremost and that mistakes only make you a better player. It’s all about improving.

Q23. How proud are you of Cork’s dual stars Briege Corkery Rena Buckley, and Anglea Walsh in flying the flag for both codes? Via @mary_white33

AG. The girls are role models for every GAA sportsperson in the country. Very proud to play with them.

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