Briege Corkery 2014 Irish Tatler Sports Woman of the Year 2014 Live Twitter Q&A

By Liberty Insurance on 10 December 2014

Fresh after being named 2014 Irish Tatler Sports Woman of the Year Cork dual star, Briege Corkery took a moment out from a deserving award nights schedule to take part in our recent Live Twitter Q&A.

It has been an outstanding year for the Cork athlete who shares some fun answer and knowledge of what has led her to multiple All-Ireland titles, All-Stars, Irish Tatler Sports Woman of the Year and now nominated for RTE Sports Person of the Year.

If you missed out on the live action, here’s a recap of Briege’s answers below. This was the fifth and final for 2014 in a series of Liberty Insurance live Twitter GAA Q&As with hurling and camogie stars. Look back at our previous Q&As with Richie Hogan Anna Geary, Joe Canning & Liam Rushe.

Q.1 Camogie or Football! Which do you prefer play? Can’t say both via @JoeyCan88

BC. Hi @JoeyCan88 bad hurlers choose football! How are Galway footballers fixed for 2015?

Q.2 If you could transfer any player to the cork team from any other county who would it be? via @Kim_Connors

BC. Hi @Kim_Connors Id take Geradine McLaughlin…3-8 in All Ireland final not bad!

Q.3 What motivates and drives you to train and play both Football and Camogie for Cork? via @GeraldoGer180

BC. Hi @GeraldoGer180 Love playing, great friends, keeps me on the straight and narrow!

Q.4 You show great character on the field but you’re a great character off of it, any funny All-Ireland stories?! via @mary_white33

BC. Hey @mary_white33 I suppose the question is … where do the funny stories stop CC @BridStackie @elaineoriordan6 #manhole.

Q.5 Hi @corkery5 What an amazing 2014 you’ve had! Any goals for 2015 already? via @Mairead_W

BC. Hi @Mairead_W Just looking forward to going back training and losing the winter stone 1st… Then try and perform.

Q.6 Congrats @corkery5 fantastic year. How does a player get such incredible belief in self & team? via @AnalysisGAA

For us it’s not that we love winning, we just hate losing!

BC. Hi @AnalysisGAA For us it’s not that we love winning, we just hate loosing! Honesty/hard work by the girls #dontgiveuptilitsover.

Q.7 Hi Breige! You are a v.good camogie player and footballer… what’s your favourite food? #Idol via @Looneytoons_kid

BC. Hi @Looneytoons_kid has to be a good steak with chips (medium)! Try the Thady Inn in Farnanes Co Cork!

Q.8 Will you give St Val’s the boot when you move to Coolea? via @droleout

BC. Hi @droleout where will the youth of @NaomhAbanGAA find the ladies then, without St.Vals nights out in Terelton!

Q.9 Just wondering if you feel that breakfast is the most important meal of the day for an athlete? via @lynsavo

BC. Hi @lynsavo I think hydration is key first but I do feel a good breakfast is a winner!

I think hydration is key first but I do feel a good breakfast is a winner!

Q.10 Hi @corkery5 who is your one to watch across all Irish #womeninpsort in 2015? via @lemachine

BC. Hi @lemachine keep an eye out for the Ward sisters from Galway @LadiesFootball #classacts.

Q11. If you had to pick one stand out moment in your career what would it be? #somany #unbelievable via @claradoheny

BC. Hi @claradoheny this years football All Ireland, down 10 only 17 minutes left,true character and heart by girls.#Unreal #Leaders.

Q.12 Hi Briege, what do you think will be big in fitness in 2015?via @GooglePuns

BC. Hi @GoogIePuns I suppose the big thing will be foam rolling and plyometrics. Love plyometrics!

Q13. Hi Briege, after winning so many championships which one stands out as the one that means the most? via @colmQcusack

BC. Hi @colmQcusack I think it has to be 2005, our first All-Ireland. The feeling of winning gave us hunger for more!

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