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Camogie Made Us: 2018 Champions

The Camogie Made Us Ready for the Real World Competition 2018

The ‘Camogie Made Us’ Competition
This summer, as Official Sponsor of the Liberty Insurance All-Ireland Camogie Championships, we partnered with and SportsJOE for an inspiring competition. The goal was to find young camogie players who had gained skills on the pitch that have helped them in their lives off the pitch, e.g. focus, motivation, dedication, resilience, leadership.

The lucky winner would receive €7,000 for their camogie club and the opportunity to compete in a camogie challenge at half-time of the Liberty Insurance All-Ireland Senior Camogie Championship Final in Croke Park. Plus, they’ll be training a rep from SportsJOE or who will be competing with them to show them how it’s done.

One runner-up would win €3,000, and the remaining eight shortlisted clubs would take home €500 each.

Entering the Competition
To enter, players had to choose a side: SportsJOE or, and describe how camogie has made them ready for the real world. The overall engagement with the competition was fantastic with 69 club entries, bringing to life the profound effect camogie has on young players in many different aspects of their lives.

The 10 best entries then submitted a video telling their ‘Camogie Made Us’ story. The amount of time and effort teams poured into entries and videos was nothing short of inspiring. SportsJOE and posted about the progress of the competition on their sites, and highlighted the top 5 from each team that made it through to the public vote.

Each club rallied behind their team, sharing content and going out of their way to get everyone they could think of to vote and generating over 21,000 votes from the public.

The Finalists
The two finalists were Newmarket on Fergus of Co. Clare and Sarsfields of Co. Cork, who each engaged in two training sessions with a representative of SportsJOE and at their home clubs.

The finalists then took part in a “Pick and Run” challenge at Croke Park during half-time of the Liberty Insurance All-Ireland Senior Camogie Final. Competing in a relay run with a sliotar balanced on a hurl, the first team to complete a leg of the relay and cross the finish line would win. The buzz at the event was electric. Both teams brought a busload of their friends, teammates and family with them to the final, and the crowd on the day excitedly cheered both teams on.

The competition was close, but it was Sarsfields who emerged victorious, taking home the coveted €7,000, and of course, the glory.

Watch the two finalists’ inspiring videos below: