Twitter QnA with Irish rower Claire Lambe

By Liberty Insurance Ireland on 24 June 2016
Twitter QnA with Irish rower Claire Lambe

Thanks to Claire Lambe and her lightweight double scull partner Sinead Jennings, the future for Irish women’s rowing has never looked brighter

Ahead of the most important summer of her career, and in the midst of training hard, we were delighted to welcome Dubliner Claire to the hot seat for the latest in our series of Live Twitter #SupportHerSport QnAs. If you couldn’t join Claire live on the day, here’s a recap of all the questions, together with her answers.

‪@ameriev‬‬: Claire what has been the highlight of your sporting career‬

CL: Last Sept when myself & my partner were the 1st Irish female lightweight rowers to qualify for the 2016 games

@mcevoy88‬‬‬: How many packets of Maltesers can lightweights eat each week? ‪#sogood‬‬‬

CL: After a long 3-session day a treat is well deserved so I find Maltesers the lesser evil of chocolate treats. So the answer is 3 packets :-)

@lifeasapigeon‬‬‬: Claire what motivates you?

CL: I'm motivated to be the best I can be everyday & that it will be good enough to be the best in the world.

@carolinetighe75‬‬‬: How often do you train every week?

CL: 16 sessions per wk which last from 60-90 mins, we get a day off every 2-3 wks but I love what I do!

@bryanmcmahon93: Claire, are you superstitious or have any pre-competition rituals?

CL: Not really. I just like to stay positive around racing, but I put a lucky charm in our boat sent to Rio.

@ShaneRooD15: Claire how do you mentally prepare for events?
CL: Visualising how I'm going to row the race. By focusing on the process rather than the outcome keeps me calm.

@burrenbridge: What food types meals are essential in the lead up to the games & what food do you really miss?

CL: Protein yogurts & low fat cottage cheese. I miss real cheddar cheese, ice-cream & pizza! As I am coming down to weight, I try to increase protein & reduce high cal fats.

@carolinetighe75: Who inspired you to taking up this sport?‬‬‬ via ‪@carolinetighe75‬‬‬

CL: My older sister was involved in rowing 1st & my determination to beat her got me in to rowing! Also @soniaagrith is a great role model in showing how Irish athletes can be the best on a world stage.

@amlong41: Claire do you have a favourite pump-up song before race? ‪‬‬‬

CL: Daybreak by OVERWERK, go-pro edition! I also enjoy @royksopp to get me pumped up.

@ryanelainem: ‪‬Claire how do you plan to relax after August? Any exciting holidays lined up?

CL: Travel with friends & cycling hol in Spain – I may have exercise withdrawal symptoms! Maybe a festival or 2!

@Sh6un6byrne: What's the best advice you've ever gotten? via ‪@Sh6un6byrne‬‬‬

CL: If you want something, make it happen yourself. You have to take ownership of your training & performance.

@feargaloshea: What do you crave most after a weekend of racing? ‪#surforturf‬‬‬ via ‪@feargaloshea‬‬‬ ‪‬‬‬

CL: A large pizza & a glass of red wine but might have to wait until after Rio!

@ShaneRooD15: What training do you do outside of rowing?

CL: 2 or 3 sessions on rowing machine & 3 weight sessions per week. We use the Watt bike for cross-training.

@ryanelainem‬‬: What are your plans for the future?

CL: Start an Engineering Masters in Oct in Cambridge. I'll be able to continue rowing but in a new environment.

And with that she was off, back to her boat. Thank you @ClaireLambe, it was a pleasure having you as our star guest for our #supporthersport QnA. We’ll be rooting for you over the summer and wish you the very best for your Masters in Cambridge.

Thanks to everyone who took part and sent us in questions. If you enjoyed this, check out #GAAQnA on Twitter where you’ll find lots more previous QnA sessions from legends including Annalise Murphy, Jackie Tyrell, Ger Cunningham, Sonia O’Sullivan, Richie Hogan, Anna Geary, Briege Corkery and Joe Canning.

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