Driving tips for new drivers

By Liberty Insurance Ireland on 28 January 2014

Getting a driver's Licence for the first time can feel exciting. For a teenager, it is an important step towards greater independence. No more begging mam or dad for rides to school, a party or a match. Now you have the keys and can go to all of these places on your own.

Driving is a major responsibility. New drivers need to create good driving habits to stay safe when taking to the road. Keep the below tips in mind the next time you get behind the wheel to keep safe and to help lower your car insurance rates:

  • Always wear your seat belt. The same rule applies to anyone else riding with you. A seat belt is your main source of protection in case of an accident. It can save your life.
  • Obey the speed limits. It is important to drive at safe speeds. Exceeding the posted speed limit is a major cause of car accidents. Driving too fast can reduce your reaction time. Excess speed can be even more dangerous when combined with poor road conditions, reduced visibility or bad weather.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. In most circumstances, you are not alone on the road. Pay attention to other vehicles and pedestrians around you, so you can react to any situation as it develops.
  • Focus on driving. When you are behind the wheel, driving should be your primary concern. Avoid activities that divert your attention such as talking on a mobile phone or texting. An inattentive driver poses a danger to themselves and the people around them.
  • Never drive while impaired. Drugs and alcohol do not mix with driving. Never get behind the wheel under any circumstances when you are under the influence. The same applies if you are sleepy or taking medication. It never hurts to wait until you are more alert before you make an effort to drive somewhere.

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