Take care today, Friday 13th

By Liberty Insurance Ireland on 13 January 2017
Take care today, Friday 13th

Road users are over 20% more likely to have had an accident on Friday 13th.

New research carried out by Liberty Insurance has revealed a number of thought-provoking insights into road traffic accidents that have taken place on Friday 13th. The results found that:

  • 21% more accidents took place on Friday 13th versus all other Fridays
  • 17% of accidents took place on Fridays versus an average of 14% on all other days of the week
  • 12% of accidents occurred on Saturdays and Sundays

Source: Based on Liberty Insurance dataset, January 2017

Commenting on the results, Director of Personal Lines Deidre Ashe said: “Our data is telling us that there has been an increased number of road traffic accidents and collisions taking place on Friday 13th involving our customers; whether this can be attributed to bad luck is dependent on how superstitious people are and whether they are a triskaidekaphobic* but it does give food for thought.

Unsurprisingly we have found that there are more accidents on Fridays generally with more journeys taking place on our roads, compared to weekends which are quieter with less people working and schools being off.

We would however encourage everyone travelling on Irish roads to drive safely and carefully, no matter what day of the week it is”.

Visit our Safety Centre for more tips and information on how to #drivesafer and more.


All Fridays the 13th that occurred in 2014, 2015 and 2016 were compared in a matched design to all other Fridays, on the number of road traffic accidents that took place that involved Liberty Insurance policy holders.

*Triskaidekaphobia is defined by the Collins Dictionary as an abnormal fear of the number 13

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