Live Twitter QnA with Jackie Tyrrell, legendary Kilkenny Hurler.

By Liberty Insurance Ireland on 15 December 2015

Kilkenny has produced many hurling legends and few are bigger than Jackie Tyrell. Straight from the launch of the Liberty Insurance GAA Games Development Conference on the 7th December, the man himself joined us for a live Twitter Q&A on everything from breakfast to Christmas.

Jackie Tyrrell’s legendary half-time rallying cry during the 2015 GAA All-Ireland Hurling Final is said to have turned the game around for the winning Kilkenny team. We were delighted to hear he is committed to one more season with the Cats. No stranger to Twitter – his mutual slagging match with Richie Hogan being a prime example of his skill in 140 characters – Jackie gamely took on all questions and answered them with the skill you’d expect from a seasoned performer.

Q1. Jackie, did you ever think your former team mate @DavidHerity would be involved with management in @dublincamogie #GAAQnA via @Colinduffy
JT. @DavidHerity @dublincamogie @colinduffy Yes, Herro always liked to voice his opinions, not sure if the girls will listen to him, JT #GAAQnA.

Q2. Will u be super-subbing on for actor Jonny Lee Miller in the Trainspotting sequel? #GAAQnA via @EdibleRice.
JT. @EdibleRice No too busy hurling & double-ganging for Harvey Specter, JT #GAAQnA

Q3. If you had to pick the Cats player with the most flare would you go for DJ or Henry? OR Tommy Walsh? #GAAQnA via @tararoonies
JT. @tararoonies DJ because he could change a game in the blink of an eye, JT #GAAQnA

Q4. @MrJackieTee You seem to be a bit of a style icon – any top style tips to share with the lads! #GAAQnA via @runningro
JT. @runningro Can’t go wrong with a sharp slick suit from @DBSuits, somehow they seem to make me look good, JT #GAAQnA

Q5. Between personal, club and intercounty, how many hours did hurling take per week? What % is game analysis? #GAAQnA via @malachybrowne
JT. @malachybrowne Anything from 15-20 hours per week, depending on opposition & time of the year, JT #GAAQnA

Q6. Jackie do you have any pre-match rituals or superstitions? #GAAQnA #luckysocks via @Sh6un6byrne
JT. @Sh6un6byrne same seat on bus, same songs from hotel to pitch& always sitting beside @11larky, JT #GAAQnA

Q7. Hi Jackie – my 14 year nephew is a talented young player, what advice would you give him? #GAAQnA via @Sinead
JT. @Sinead Lots of practice in school, at home on the basic skills like catching & first touch and to enjoy it & make friends, JT #GAAQnA

Q8. Who do you think is closest to challenging Kilkenny’s dominance over the coming season or two? #GAAQnA via @builesbuibhne
JT. @builesbuibhne A lot of good young teams out there making great strides & closing the gap, 2016 will be a v interesting year, JT #GAAQnA

Q9. If you could take one NFL player and stick him in the KK team who would it be and where would you play him? #GAAQnA via @sullylimerick1
JT. @sullylimerick1 it would have to be @J_No24 &I’d play him corner back to shut down any nippy corner forwards, JT #GAAQnA @PodgeCollins

Q10. Given your half time team talk at the final do u see yourself becoming a manager anytime soon? #GAAQnA #anygivensunday via @burrenbridge
JT. @burrenbridge Not any time soon, too busy as a stunt double for Johnny Lee Miller ;-) #GAAQnA

Q11. Heard you love travelling, where’s the best place u have ever been to? #GAAQnA via @ryanelainem
JT. @ryanelainem Sitting on a bench in Phi Phi Thailand in 30 degree heat with a pina colada, JT #GAAQnA

Q12. Siggerson Cup winning LIT team 2007 v’s Kilkenny 2015…who’d win?
#GAAQnA via @tararoonies
JT. @tararoonies Great players on that @LimerickIT Fitz 07 team & also @KilkennyCLG team so I’m gonna say a draw, JT #GAAQnA

Q13. What does it feel like to lift the Liam McCarthy Cup on behalf of your county?
#GAAQnA via @GosiaRemi
JT. @GosiaRemi It’s an amazing feeling & makes you so proud, one of the best days of my life, JT #GAAQnA

Q14. For the time of year it is … Jackie have you a favourite Christams film and song #happychristmas #GAAQnA via @sorcha_ni_dhuin
JT. @sorcha_ni_dhuin Miracle on 34th Street & Home Alone, I wish it could be Christmas every day, JT #GAAQnA

Q15. Who do you think is the rising star of hurling to watch in the future? #GAAQnA via @oreilly136
JT. @oreilly136 I think @richieleahy97 from @Rower_Inistioge has a very bright future, one to watch, JT #GAAQnA

Q16. Toughest opponent in KK training, and against other counties? #GAAQnA via @H1ggie
JT. @H1ggie in Kilkenny training it’s @taggykk & Eoin Kelly from Tipperary, JT #GAAQnA

Q17. Jackie food: porridge or Weetabix? Eggs: omelette or fried? Takeaway: Indian or Thai? #GAAQnA via @burrenbridge
JT. @burrenbridge Porridge, omelette & thai (but after my hols in Thailand there is only so much Pad Thai you can eat!), JT #GAAQnA

Q18. Was it a big decision to play for another year? #GAAQnA via @runningro
JT. @runningro No because I love the game & get great pleasure playing for @villafegaa & @KilkennyCLG & can’t wait for 2016, JT #GAAQnA

And just as we where about to sign off for the evening, Richie Hogan decided he wanted a piece of the action after he quickly spotted Jackie sporting some fashionable glasses. It turned out however that Jackie wasn’t the first to wear some trendy glasses as pointed out by Cillian Buckley and Padraig Walsh. See how it unfolded below!

And there you have it, it’s a wrap! It’s was a pleasure having @MrJackieTee as our star guest for our #GAAQnA. If you enjoyed this, check out #GAAQnA on Twitter where you’ll find lots more previous QnA sessions from legends including Ger Cunningham, Sonia O’Sullivan, Richie Hogan, Anna Geary, Briege Corkery and Joe Canning.

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