Liam Rushe Live Twitter Q&A – Look Back

By Liberty Insurance on 17 July 2014

We recently gave fans the opportunity to get to know more about Dublin Hurler, Liam Rushe, in our Live Twitter Q&A. In an ‘ask me anything’ styled Q&A, Liam answered a combination of hurling and fun questions from fans including his club, team mates and even his brother.

If you missed it, check out the answers below to see how Liam performed in the social media hot seat.

Q1. What was your best moment wearing a Dublin jersey… via @ODonoghueCathal

LR: @ODonoghueCathal Defending the U21 Leinster trophy in Wexford Park 2011.

Q2. What hurler – playing or finished playing do you most admire? via @alosmithy

LR: @alosmithy Seanie Mcmahon or Ken McGrath, show the backs some love.

Q3. Is it true that WWE superstar Seamus was a neighbour of yours growing up? via @gaachris

LR: @gaachris unfortunately not, he’s a Finbarr’s Cabra man I think. Serious full forward potential though!

Q4. The fans all have their own biased view, but you’ve marked them both. So tell us…Canning or Shefflin? via @Paulshers

LR: @Paulshers @LibertyIRL Shefflin’s taller but without doubt Joe’s the better dresser!

Q5. If you had to play the All-Ireland final in a venue outside of Ireland where would you play it? via @ryancoady2

LR: @ryancoady2 The Superdome, New Orleans. Hopefully the lights stay on this time!

Q6. Did you remember to turn off the immersion when you left? via @desrushe

LR: @desrushe I did of course, did you get the washing in before it started lashing rain?

Q7. What would you class as the most important thing when coaching young kids at the start in hurling? via @hotshots85


LR: @hotshots85 Two hours club training a week isn’t enough to make the grade. Practicing at home is where you really develop.

Q.8 Do you think you have what it takes to be an Escort for the Rose of Tralee in the future? via @AnnaGCork

LR: @AnnaGCork I’m much too shy for that carry on, if only I could sing or dance.

Q9. Which of the Dublin players would you most likely trust your money to, as an adviser? via @SportforBusines

LR: @SportforBusines, @paulywayy he’s got my back in matches, and works in Davy’s so I expect good stock selections.

Q.10 biscuit or cake? via @taitinator

LR: @taitinator Rocky Road chocolate biscuit cake, not sure what category that fits in?


Q11. What was the highlight of 2013 for you? – Making your communion or winning the Leinster Championship via @More_DOR

LR: @More_DOR Lifting Bob O’Keefe, I didn’t get the Hummer for the communion so I wasn’t a happy camper.

Q12. If you got your hands on the Hurling rule book, which rule would you change first!? via @NoelMartyn

LR: @NoelMartyn Playing the hurl is allowed in camogie and should be allowed in hurling too, it’s a skill in itself.

Q.13 If there was a transfer market and you had to move…which county would you pick? And why? Via @AineePower

LR: @AineePower Kerry for the craic and scenery or Clare to visit the relatives more often.

Q14. Hurl or hurley ? via @willydilleen

LR: @willydilleen Has to be hurl.

Q15. Blur or Oasis? via @amcd1984

LR: @amcd1984 Parklife is quality but I’m an oasis man at heart.

Q16. Is it true @ccrummey93 has the biggest hurl on the Dublin team? #size40 #askLiam #uplucan via @DieselFreeman

LR: @ccrummey93 @DieselFreeman Yea i think carrying that 39″ around during matches slows him down a little but he can’t change!

Q17. What is your best club memory? via @Palmerstown_gaa

LR: @Palmerstown_gaa That Minor B championship win 2006, not a single memory left from that night though.

Q18. What would you prefer a pet ferret or a pet goat named Gary? via @DonalMurray11

LR: @DonalMurray11 Definitely Gary the goat, he knows no fear!

Q19. If you had to marry a mermaid, would you rather she had a fish top half of her body or bottom half? via @Bob_Abbey

LR: @Bob_Abbey Fish top half of course, I’m a leg man and I could get no guff from a fish head

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