Your most precious and personal belongings

By Liberty Insurance on 23 June 2015

With burglaries on the rise, we’ve been asking you to be extra vigilant when it comes to home safety – especially if you’re going on holidays.

As part of this drive, we asked you what you’d consider your most precious and personal belongings. Not necessarily a valuable, but an irreplaceable item that you’d hate to lose. We got a huge response across Twitter, Facebook and

Here are just some of our favourites:

Wedding albums and baby keepsakes– thanks to Daniela Simmons, winner of a €200 Homeware voucher.

All my rugby memorabilia match programmes, tickets, books, signed jerseys, scarves, framed photos - Niamh Barron

My mum’s diamond ring she gave me for my 21st - Sinead

Things that belonged to my dad, who passed away at 49 – Pam Field

My son’s first shoes - Katriona Murphy

A letter written some years ago by my best friend and cousin, now deceased - Catherine Kearney

A watch bought for me by my late grandfather when I was 2 years old - Margaret Kelly

A very old Dutch Staartklok handed down from my great great grandparents in Holland and now hanging proudly on my wall, being kept safe for the next generation - Belinda Daly

A photo of my mum which I keep beside my bed - Emer Mary Breen

A gold locket I got off my granddad on my communion day - Ciara M Fitzpatrick

My girls’ first hair cuttings and their first scan pictures from the hospital - Aisling Stanley

A picture with my parents and sister, who are 3,500KM away - Corry P Mortu

All of my hubby’s things, he died in 2011. His clothes…and every card and present we sent each other – Sinead Hingston

My kids handprints and footprints and all their school artwork – Helen O’Neill Clayton

Thanks to everyone who took the time to respond. The next time you leave the house unattended, think of those precious and personal items you own and it should help you to remember: check, lock and leave.

And you can find lots more tips around home safety and protecting what’s most precious and personal to you here.

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