Project EDWARD: 21st September 2017

By Liberty Insurance Ireland on 19 September 2017
Project EDWARD 21st September 2017

Help make today a European Day Without A Road Death

As part of our #DriveSafer campaign we are proud to support Project EDWARD, an initiative by the European Traffic Police to make Thursday 21st September a day without a single road death in Europe.

In 2016, a total of 25,500 people were killed on European roads. This year so far, over 111 people have been killed on Irish roads. These figures show improvements on previous years, but any road death is a death too many. By choosing to be a safe road-user, you have the power to make a real difference. On 21st September, and every day thereafter, we're asking you to think about how you use the roads whenever you get behind the wheel.

Tips to help you #DriveSafer

For the past week, we’ve been sharing tips on Twitter to help you #DriveSafer.

Are you Ready for the Real Road? Visit the Liberty Insurance Safety Centre where you can use our handy new video series to brush up on your driving skills and knowledge.

If you have any additional tips, please tweet them @LibertyIRL using #DriveSafer and #projectEDWARD.

Ready to take the pledge?

Let's make Wednesday 21st September the first European Day Without A Road Death.
Become a safe driver. Take the #ProjectEDWARD pledge

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