Safe Driving with the Family

By Liberty Insurance on 16 April 2014
Safe Driving with the Family

Whether you’re popping to the shops, off on a Sunday drive or heading on holiday, keep your family safe in the car with these 5 tips.

Plan your journey in line with baby and toddler nap times. If you’re lucky enough to have little ones sleep through long blocks of time, try scheduling your journey for these hours. There’ll be less distractions and less stops.

Don’t load up the back window with any travel items. If you break suddenly, these can be dislodged and cause injury to those in the back seat. It also inhibits the driver’s view. Lead by example.

Show your kids you’re wearing your seatbelt too and explain how it keeps everyone safe. Kids often unfasten seat belts and buckles when they are restless or bored. Bring books and toys to keep little hands busy or have a sing-song to help pass the time.

Bring snacks and eat before you leave to prevent irritable drivers and cranky children. Rumbling stomachs and zapped energy do not make for a happy drive.
Stop for a break on long drives. Stretch those legs, freshen up and return calls. 

On any journey length, pull over to settle sibling disputes – never take your eyes off the road.

Or if you’d like more information on travelling safely with the family in tow, check out our downloadable guide from MummyPages.

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