Staying Safe on the Roads this Easter

By Liberty Insurance on 27 March 2015

With Easter just around the corner, motorists are urged to stay vigilant on the roads. Schools traditionally take a two week break, this means more families on the road and more children at play.

If you’re all set for a family road trip or driving near built up areas, here are some reminders to help prepare for your journey and stay safe.

Car check
Like Christmas, it’s common for people to visit family over the Easter period. If you’re planning a long journey, it’s worth doing a quick car check to make sure everything’s in order. Dirty oil from the winter period can cause damage to your engine, check and change your oil before you leave. It’s also an opportunity to make sure your tyres are up to scratch. These handy tips will help.

Getting ready to depart
Given that there’ll be extra traffic on the roads, allow yourself plenty of time to complete your journey. Plan your route before you depart, including stops for food, coffee and to stretch your legs. Will there be little ones on board? Remember, all children under the age of 12 must travel in a child seat while in a car. Find out more here.

While driving

With extra traffic on the roads, it’s imperative that you avoid all distractions. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t text while you drive, but remember, there are lots of other potential distracting factors too. Eating and fiddling with the radio are common culprits. If you’re hungry, pull over where it’s safe to do so, likewise if you’re tired, don’t attempt to plough through. Stop the car at the first available opportunity, stretch your legs and have a drink of coffee.

Children on the roads
Finally, remember that there may be more children about than usual, with some families opting to partake in Easter egg hunts over the weekend. Bear this in mind, even when you’re driving on what seems like a quiet stretch of road.

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