Summer Car Care Tips

By Liberty Insurance on 20 June 2014
Summer Car Care Tips

Finally, the summer has arrived in Ireland. While it’s great news, the heat can be hard on cars, drivers and passengers. Take some of these simple steps to keep your car in better condition during the hotter days or weeks:

Reduce the heat inside your car – On sunny days, the inside of a car can become extremely hot . If going on holidays, especially beach destinations, drivers should try to park in a shaded area and use a sun shade or blanket on windscreens and windows to reduce the chances of a car overheating. When returning to a car after a long period in the sun, open all windows to allow the interior to cool down, you’d be surprised how hot seats and steering wheels can get on hotter days. Most importantly never leave a child or pet unattended in a car.

Never leave a child or pet unattended in a car.

Clean out your car – Avoid the mess of melted chocolate or sour milk inside a car. It’s a simple tip but often forgotten if rushing to destinations. It can leave a nasty stain or a lingering smell in your car , These kinds of mishaps can be dangerous in some cases – leaving items like disposable lighters or batteries in hot temperatures or direct sunlight can explode, melt and leak hazardous materials. A good clean before long journeys can avoid mess and damage to a car. If certain items are required they should be stored in a shaded area like the car booth or glove box.

A good clean before long journeys can avoid mess and damage to a car.

Car maintenance – Summer breakdowns can happen for the simplest of reasons. Start with these three maintenance checks to avoid a breakdown in the sun.

Check your radiator – In hot weather and while driving for long periods, a car’s cooling system could fail. Check engine coolant levels are adequate, which can vary depending on the car. Check the car owner manual for information on coolant type and levels. Check radiator components, e.g.,hoses and seals for cracking or excessive wear. Also check the radiator grille and clean off any debris that could crack the radiator.

Change your oil – Dirty oil from the winter can cause damage or poor engine operation as high temperatures can put more stress on an engine. Make sure to check and change the oil frequently

High temperature and climate can deflate car tyres.

Inflate your tyres properly – High temperature and climate can deflate car tyres. Check each tyre frequently and add air as necessary for a safer trip. Correctly inflated tyres can improve better fuel economy and avoid the risk of a flat. Always check the approved PSI or tyre pressure listed on the side of the tyre. Newer vehicles have tyre pressure monitors to help alert drivers to underinflated tires but it’s always safer to conduct frequent manual checks.

Finally it’s good to have a Car Emergency Kit List in case you do run into trouble on the road.

Follow these car maintenance tips for a safer and more pleasant journey all round!

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