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Updating your home insurance policy
Updating your home insurance policy

Is it a lot of hassle to update my cover?

From time to time it may be necessary to update your home insurance cover. We look at the reasons why and what benefits there are to updating your Home Insurance Policy.

Why would I need to update my Home Insurance Cover?
Most Home Insurance Policies cover both buildings and contents and these can change over time. For instance, you might want to add an extension or get an attic conversion to your house or even build an outdoor office or garden room in your back garden. These additions will add value to your home and will also increase the cost of repairs and rebuilds. It is therefore imperative that you update your policy so that these additions to your home are covered in the unlikely event that they are damaged.

While buildings evolve slowly over time, home contents can change much more quickly as there are so many items. Contents that are usually covered include household goods, home office equipment, sports equipment, personal belongings, fixtures and fittings and interior decorations. Mobile phones and accessories are not normally covered.

You can add specific items that are very valuable to your cover. A new expensive TV will need to be updated on your policy. If you get engaged or married you can also cover your engagement rings and wedding bands. You should also consider updating your cover if you inherit valuable items like art or jewellery. Always keep receipts of recent expensive items and valuation certificates of antiques and inherited valuables.

Is it a lot of hassle to update my cover?
Not at all. You just contact Liberty Insurance here and advise our customer service of any updates to your policy. You can email us at or go to our Facebook or Twitter pages where we have representatives online during business hours to help you, or call our Contact Centre, based in Enniskillen, 8am – 7pm Monday to Friday and 8am – 4pm Saturday.

Liberty Insurance offers two types of cover in relation to our home insurance policies; buildings insurance and contents insurance, which you can buy separately or as a package. Each cover offers a number of benefits to protect you, should the worst happen.

Below is a detailed list of the benefits we offer under our home buildings and contents insurance policy.

Emergency Home Repair (applies to policies that have both buildings and contents cover only):

Emergency Home Repair 24 hour helpline
Alternative accommodation
Accidental Damage
Fire brigade charges
New for old contents cover
Property Owners Liability
Access for repairs
All risks
Title deeds cover up to €750
Visitors’ personal belongings up to €1000
Replacement locks up to €650
Pedal cycles up to €600 per bicycle
Public Liability
Frozen foods up to €700
Loss of heating oil up to €750
Jury service cover - €25 per day, up to €700
Money up to €500 & credit cards up to €1500
Fatal injury benefit - €5000
Wedding and Christmas gifts

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