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We reward safe driving

Mature Drivers Car Insurance

At Liberty Insurance, we recognise the expertise of experienced drivers and we believe that your no claims history should save you money. We also reward mature drivers with our many features and benefits, across various car policy cover options.

Car Policy features and benefits

We don’t just offer you affordable car insurance, we also ensure that you get great cover along with many additional benefits as part of your motor insurance.

Learn more about the difference between Third party, Fire and Theft and Comprehensive Insurance
Comprehensive Comp *
Third Party Fire & Theft TPFT *
Breakdown assist (including home-start) *
For those days when your car won't start or breaks down at the side of the road, use our free 24-hour breakdown cover or home start. Using this breakdown assistance will not affect your no-claims bonus.

If you cannot drive the vehicle as a result of a breakdown, we will arrange and pay for one hour’s labour at the roadside or at your home and towing the vehicle to the nearest competent repairer or to a garage of your choice, whichever is closer.

If the repairs cannot be completed where the vehicle broke down and you are away from home (at least 3 kilometres), we can arrange and pay up to €150 for one of the following:

1. Transport for you and any non-fare paying passengers to your intended destination within the territorial limits.
2. Use of a replacement vehicle for up to 48 hours while repairs are being carried out; or
3. Bed-and-breakfast-only accommodation for one night only while repairs are being carried out, up to €35 for each person and €150 in total.
If the vehicle is repaired, we will provide the cost of public transport for you to collect the vehicle.

For the full list of terms and conditions, please refer to the Car Insurance Policy booklet, which can be downloaded below.

* Maximum three call-outs per year.
Driving other cars
If your certificate of insurance says so, we will also cover you, the policyholder, for your liability to other people while you are driving any other private motor car which you do not own or have not hired under a hire-purchase or lease agreement, as long as:

1. The other car is not owned by your employer or hired to them under a hire-purchase or lease agreement;
2. You currently hold a full European Union (EU) licence;
3. The use of the other car is covered in your certificate of insurance;
4. There is a current insurance policy in place in another person’s name that covers the other car;
5. You have the owner’s permission to drive the other car;
6. The other car is in a roadworthy condition and holds a valid NCT;
7. You still have the insured vehicle and it holds a valid NCT and is in a roadworthy condition.

This extension applies while being driven within the territorial limits and only to private passenger cars. It does not include:

- Vans;
- Car-vans;
- Jeep-type vehicles with no seats in the back; or
- Vans adapted to carry passengers.
Claims buddy
A dedicated Claims Buddy to help you get back up and running, without hassle or fuss.

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At Liberty Insurance we know that in the real world, not everything goes to plan. We’re here to help get you back up and running without hassle or fuss.

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Claims Buddy

Dedicated claims buddy. 97%* of claims settled without a quibble.
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* Correct as of 01/12/2018.

Insurance that's ready for the Real World

Get the cover you need for those unavoidable windscreen damages. Windscreen cover* is standard on our comprehensive private car policies. This is an optional extra on third party and fire and theft policies. It’s good to know that your no claims bonus will not be affected by a windscreen claim.
As an experienced or mature driver, you know that breakdowns can happen to us all. If your car breaks down at the side of the road or just won’t start, you can use our free 24 hour breakdown cover to get you back on the road.
As an experienced driver, you are more likely to be travelling long distances. We cover you for up to 93 days while driving in the EU.