Environment-Friendly Cars

Published on 11 February 2014

Arguments In Favour Of Electric Vehicles

With petrol prices on the rise and the recession still effecting UK residents, big changes are being made in the automobile industry. There are two types of Green cars hitting the UK market: hybrids and electric cars. Hybrids include the Toyota Prius and Auris, Honda Civic, Insight, CR-Z and Jazz. Lexus, Volvo and Porsche are also manufacturing hybrid models in the UK. The list of electric manufacturers includes Renault, Peugeot, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Citroen, and more.

Both hybrids and electrics are plug-in cars; however the hybrid runs on electric during short trips and petrol during long trips. Residents who travel short distances at slower rates and perform a lot of stop-and-go driving are usually the very best prospects to make use of a green car. With a plethora of plug-in options across the U.K. it is easy to take long trips in an all-electric vehicle, as well. Not to mention a full charge takes only around 7 hours, thus it can be done while you're taking a kip. Below is a wide-ranging list of the benefits of owning a hybrid or electric car.

Petrol vs. the Green Car

The initial cost of a green car verses that of a car that runs on petrol can be a bit alarming-as yes, it is more expensive. However, the initial cost can also be offset by what you will spend in petrol over the next few years. With British Gas offering tariff and payment plans, charging solutions and free charging package offers, the benefits can be greater in the long run with a green car purchase. There are many other ways you will save when buying a green car, such as environmental advantages, as well as safety features that have been implemented through the latest technology and testing.

Environmental Advantages

Naturally, one can see the obvious environmental advantages: fewer emissions, less use of natural resources such as petrol, reduced noise pollution, and so on. Environmental concerns can then be focused on 'how' the power to operate these types of automobiles is generated. Guillaume Majeau-Bettez, of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, claims, "The electric car has great potential for improvement, but ultimately what will make it a success or failure from an environmental standpoint is how much we can clean up our electricity grid - both for the electricity you use when you drive your car, and for the electricity used for producing the car." Thus, the electric or hybrid vehicle and its positive effect on the environment will be continually researched and developed to become a more sound investment for U.K. consumers.

Consumer Advantages

The consumer advantages to buying a hybrid or electric vehicle are endless. Ecars conducted a study with electric cars on the roads of Louth, Kildare, Galway and Dublin. According to the study, "In the first six months of the Great Electric Drive trial, the participating ambassadors, who come from all over Ireland, have already covered over 50,000 km on Irish roads by driving 100% electric vehicles (EV) and in the process have recorded combined savings in the region of €5,800. Not only are there significant savings in petrol alone, there are many other advantages to the electric or hybrid car. The hybrid receives a tax break, while the electric vehicle is exempt from vehicle tax altogether. The other advantage: Green cars also come with less MOT checks.

Safety Features

Safety features on the electric cars can often exceed the expectations of UK residents. This is due to an overwhelming concern that the engines could combust in a road accident. Therefore, on 8 March 2013, the EU set up a brand new listing of regulatory framework that explains the specific safety functions that should be contained in green cars to boost highway safety. You can find new laws on head restraints, and the noise of the cars, as well as tyre monitoring systems and other warning systems. A comprehensive list of safety features is available with each type of hybrid or electric car you are looking to purchase.


In conclusion, one can see the benefits are endless. Of course, initially you might not think it's a bargain. In the long run though, you will see that the benefits of less MOT checks, more in depth safety features, and the hassle of not having to pop out to fill up every other day can be much greater than the initial savings when buying a car that runs on petrol. Add in the fact that you aren't mucking up the environment, and you'll eventually be quite chuffed you opted for a hybrid or electric vehicle.

Authored by Carol Waterson