Top 10 Motorbike Safety Tips

Published on 24 July 2014

It’s the season for motorcycle enthusiasts, who are now eager for road trips in the summer sun. To aid bikers in having a happy and safe journey, here are some tips to get your bike ready for the summer.

1. Check tyres

Check your tyres for proper air pressure, tread depth, and cracks. Check bearings and seals for signs of failure. Inflate tyres to proper PSI, as they may have lost air over winter.

2. Power that battery

During winter, batteries can lose power if left unused so make sure you have enough juice before you take off.

3. Fill up with fresh petrol

Petrol left in the tank long-term can corrode or clog systems, making it harder to start the engine. Drain the tank or use a fuel stabiliser over the winter, and add fresh petrol for the summer.

4. Check fluids

Brake fluid is a priority, because again, long-term storage can have an effect on fluid levels. Changing the engine oil and filter at the beginning of the season is also a good idea.

5. Safety accessories

Ensure you wear your helmet, gloves, glasses and riding clothes for a safer ride. You should wear a good reflective jacket at night to make you more visible on the road.

6. Be vigilant

In the summer sun, it’s nice to feel free and easy on your bike. But it’s important to ensure a safe ride too. Be sure to use your mirrors and check over your shoulders, before changing position or turning.

7. Take proper documents

Always have your driver’s license, up to date registration certificate and proof of insurance all stored in a safe place should you need to access it on the road.

8. Never drink and ride

Even one glass is too much…

9. Ride within your skill limits: don’t showboat

When with a group, park your ego and go at your own pace, don’t be coerced into riding more aggressively than your experience allows.

10 . Be ready to roll!

Before each ride, do a quick walk-around to make sure your lights, horn, and directional signals are working properly.

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