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Our Guaranteed Repair Network

If you have Comprehensive Insurance and would like to use our Guaranteed Repair Network service, your dedicated Claims Buddy will help you with every aspect of the repair process. That includes:

  • Arranging an appointment for you with a Guaranteed Repairer.
  • Organising a courtesy car for you.
  • Dealing directly with your garage and agreeing estimates.
  • Sorting payment when the Repairer forwards the bill directly to Liberty Insurance.

Also includes:

  • After an accident
  • 24hr Claims Helpline
  • Excellent Service
Quality Assurance | Car & Motor Insurance

After an accident

You can choose to bring your vehicle to one of our guaranteed repairers for assessment. They’ve all been carefully chosen for their expertise and their high standards of service.

24/7 Claims Assistance Helpline | Liberty Insurance Claims

24hr Claims Helpline

Had an accident and need help? Don’t worry – we've got it covered! Just call our 24-hour claims helpline and you’ll be assigned a dedicated Claims Buddy who will sort everything for you with no fuss and no delays, and will stay with you until your claim is resolved.

Expert Repairs | Liberty Insurance Claims

Excellent Service

When you’ve got over the distress of seeing your pride and joy damaged, the last thing you want is to have any additional headaches having your vehicle repaired. But don’t worry - our nationwide Guaranteed Repair Network are on hand to provide high-quality vehicle repairs and get you back on the road as quickly and as easily as possible.

They are very quick in replying to my claim and were helpful and polite Jacqueline – Courtown, Co. Wexford

Locate your nearest Liberty Insurance Guaranteed Repairer:

What it means to you

Liberty Claims Guaranteed repair best in class | Liberty Car and Motor Insurance

You get Guaranteed Repairers

  • You’re looked after by leading experts, handpicked for their quality of service.
  • You have the peace of mind of knowing that all Guaranteed Repairers are subject to stringent quality control checks.
  • Most of our Guaranteed Repairers hold Certified Steel Standard (CSS), the highest accreditation available in Ireland. Even better, many of our Guaranteed Repairers have manufacturer approval, which means that your car’s guarantee won’t be compromised.

Your guarantee | Car & Motor Insurance

Your guarantee lasts for as long as you own the car

  • All repairs are guaranteed by the Guaranteed Repairer for the length of time you own the vehicle. That’s comforting to know!
  • The Repairer’s guarantee covers the labour, parts and materials.

A nationwide Repair Network | Liberty Car and Motor Insurance

A nationwide Repair Network

  • With a nationwide network of 42 Guaranteed Repairers, we can offer a pickup service within a 50km radius. Our Guaranteed Repairers are there to provide you with excellent customer service and quality repairs.

Also includes:

  • Your courtesy vehicle
  • Back on the road as quickly as possible
  • Clean as a whistle
Your courtesy vehicle | Liberty Car and Motor Insurance

Your courtesy vehicle

  • While the repairs are being carried out, a courtesy vehicle will be provided to keep you on the go. And as an added extra, a free “taxi” service or vehicle collection and drop-off can be provided by one of our service providers if you need it.

Returned to the road | Liberty Car and Motor Insurance

Back on the road as quickly as possible

  • A strong partnership between Liberty Insurance and your Guaranteed Repairer means that if your car is repairable, it will be repaired and returned as soon as possible

A great service | Liberty Car and Motor Insurance

Clean as a whistle

  • Once it’s repaired, your vehicle will be thoroughly cleaned - inside and out - before being returned to you.

Very easy to deal with and call centre staff are very patient and helpful John – Carlow Town, Co. Carlow