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Does my policy include breakdown cover?


Yes, if you cannot drive your vehicle as a result of a breakdown we will arrange one hours free roadside assistance and tow the vehicle to the nearest competent repairer, or to a garage of your choice, whichever is closer. If the repairs cannot be completed where the vehicle broke down and you are away from home, we can arrange and pay up to €150 for one of the following:

In the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland:

  • transport for you and your passengers to your intended destination within the territorial limits; or
  • use of a replacement vehicle for up to 48 hours while the repairs are being carried out; or
  • bed and breakfast accommodation for one night only while repairs are being carried out (up to €35 for each person and €150 in total). If the vehicle is repaired, we will provide the cost of public transport for you to collect the vehicle.

In England, Scotland and Wales (including the Isle of Man and Channel Islands):

  • a replacement car for up to 48 hours, up to £100; or
  • if the car cannot be repaired before the departure date, we will cover the cost of towing the car to the port you are leaving from, up to £250.

The help provided depends on the options available to us at the time you contact us. We also offer a message service to let family and friends know what has happened. Breakdown assistance is subject to three call outs within the insurance year.


For those days when your car won't start or breaks down at the side of the road, use our free 24-hour breakdown cover (including home start). Using this breakdown assistance will not affect your no-claims bonus.
If you cannot drive the motorcycle as a result of a breakdown, we will arrange and pay for:

  1. one hour’s labour at the roadside or at your home; and
  2. towing the motorcycle to the nearest competent repairer or to a garage of your choice, whichever is closer.

If the repairs cannot be completed where the motorcycle broke down and you are away from home, we can arrange and pay for one of the following.

  1. Transport for you and your passenger to your intended destination, within the territorial limits, up to €35 for each person and €70 in total; or
  2. bed-and-breakfast only accommodation for one night only while repairs are being carried out, up to €35 (£35) for each person and €70 (£70) in total.

The help provided depends on the options available to us at the time you contact us.

Van or fleet

No, we do not provide breakdown cover.

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