Is windscreen cover available?


Windscreen cover* is included as standard on our comprehensive car insurance policies.

This an optional extra on third party fire and theft car insurance policies (costing €29.57). This covers all the windows in the car (but does not include sunroofs, glass roofs or panoramic sunroofs) as long as an approved repairer is used.

A claim on your windscreen cover won't affect your no claims bonus. Two claims for every vehicle in any one period allowed.

Call 1890 94 4410 to arrange for your windscreen to be repaired.

[*] Windscreen Replacement Excess applies should your windscreen be deemed unrepairable by the glass technician. You pay the first amount as outlined in your policy schedule and we pay the rest.


Yes, for private cars and commercial vehicles (excluding special types) which are covered on a comprehensive basis.


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