What impact will Brexit have on my Motor Insurance?

As you may be aware, there has been a lot of media attention recently on the possible implications of a ‘No Deal Brexit’ on Irish motorists.

While the probability of a ‘No Deal’ seems impossible to predict following the most recent confirmed delay to Brexit, we at Liberty Insurance want to ensure that our customers are provided with as much information as possible.

Will I need a Green Card?

There is currently no requirement for you to have a Green Card when driving in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. A Green Card will only be required in the event of a no-deal Brexit. Click here for more information.

I’m a Liberty Insurance customer, what is the process for getting a Green Card?

  • If you are insured with us directly, you should send your request by email to greencards@libertyinsurance.ie stating your policy reference number and the country that you are planning to travel to and we will issue one to you.
  • If you are insured with us through a Broker, you should contact your Broker and they will arrange a Green Card for you.
  • For travel to other countries where a Green Card is a current requirement, the request will be processed and issued within the 3-5 working days as per current practice.

Why is the Green Card I received not valid for a full year?

Your Green Card will be valid up to the expiry date of your current period of insurance. If you chose to renew your policy with Liberty at that stage, you can request another Green Card to cover you for that new term of insurance.

What level of insurance cover will I have if I drive in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland with a Green Card following a 'no-deal' Brexit?

Currently a Liberty Insurance motor customer will have the same level of cover in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland as they do in the Republic of Ireland.

I have a UK Driving Licence. Will Brexit affect this?

The National Driver Licence Service (NDLS) is currently advising that in the event of a no-deal Brexit the driving licence of a UK licence holder living in the Republic of Ireland will not be recognised as valid. As such, the driver will not be able to continue to drive in the Republic of Ireland on that UK licence. The advice to such drivers is that they should exchange their UK driving licence for an Irish driving licence prior to 1st June 2019 as this is the earliest possible date that a no-deal Brexit could occur. Further information can be found on ndls.ie/news.

What if I can’t exchange my UK Licence to an Irish Licence before a no-deal Brexit occurs?

Liberty Insurance is continuing to monitor all Brexit related developments on an ongoing basis and any potential impact it may have on our customers. When we have additional information we will share this at the earliest opportunity.

However, if you hold a UK licence, Liberty Insurance advises that you make contact with the NDLS as soon as you can to organise an appointment at the earliest possible time to commence the process of transferring your licence.

I live in the UK and hold a UK driving licence and would like to be able to drive a vehicle in Ireland from time to time on holidays after Brexit.

As a visitor there is no reason that you will not be able to drive in Ireland for holidays with your existing driving licence. This will apply regardless of whether there is a deal or no-deal Brexit. You should not be required to carry an International Driving Permit with you in order to drive here, just ensure to carry your UK driving licence with you.

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