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Liberty Home Insurance Offer - Terms & Conditions

Got your eye on some new home appliances? Let us help* with a €40 voucher when you quote and buy a Home policy online, from 27th September – 1st October 2021 only.

*Or choose another voucher option.

Promotion is open from 27th September – 1st October 2021 (Midnight)

Get a €40 online retail voucher when you quote online for a new Home insurance policy from 27th September – 1st October 2021 and then buy that policy. Vouchers will be emailed to eligible customers within seven days of completing the home insurance policy purchase.

€40 Voucher Offer

This €40 voucher offer is a promotional campaign (‘the Voucher Promotion’) from Liberty Seguros, Compania de Seguros Y Reaseguros, S.A, trading as Liberty Insurance (“Liberty Insurance”), who acts as promotor. The Voucher Promotion is managed by Scream Ltd, t/a WIN | WIN (PO Box 9653 Dublin), ( “WIN/WIN”) a third-party rewards company, in conjunction with Liberty Insurance. By participating in this Voucher Promotion, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. In these terms and conditions: 
    “Promotion” – Refers to a temporary offer made available by Liberty Insurance to be availed of during a specified time. 
    “Discount” – Refers to a reduction that can be applied in respect of a policy of insurance which is subject to specific terms and conditions and can be any of the following: Online Discount, Multi policy discount (MPD), No Claims Discount (NCD), First Time Buyers Discount.
  2. This Voucher Promotion applies only to new Liberty Insurance customers purchasing a Liberty Insurance home policy (an ‘Eligible Policy’). 
  3. This Voucher Promotion is not applicable to (i) Liberty Insurance policyholders who are renewing an existing Liberty Insurance home policy or (ii) Liberty Insurance employees. 
  4. This Voucher Promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other Promotion. The only Discounts that can be used in conjunction with this Voucher Promotion are: Online Discount, Multi Policy Discount, No Claims Discount, First Time Buyers Discount. Specific terms and conditions apply to these Discounts. 
  5. You must have obtained a quote online at for an Eligible Policy between 27th September – 1st October 2021 (midnight) (the ‘Online Quote’).
  6. You must buy the Eligible Policy directly from Liberty Insurance using the quote reference number generated by the Online Quote within the quote validity period (seven days from quoting).
  7. You will be sent an email from Liberty Insurance within seven (7) working days of purchasing the Eligible Policy in accordance with these terms and conditions. The email will contain a link to access a €40 voucher of your choice (the ‘Voucher Confirmation Email’). 
  8. You must click on the link in the Voucher Confirmation Email within 90 days of the date the Voucher Confirmation Email is sent to you. The link in the Voucher Confirmation Email will bring you to WIN/WIN’s website, (the “Gifty Portal”) where you can select the voucher of your choice to the value of €40. You can view, download or print your voucher within WIN/WIN’s Gifty Portal. Use of the Gifty Portal is subject to WIN/WIN’s terms and conditions, which you should review carefully and can find below. 
  9. All vouchers have different terms and conditions, as provided by the voucher provider. Before making a voucher selection, please check the terms and conditions which are specific to the voucher you wish to choose and which are set out below. 
  10. 90 days after the date the Voucher Confirmation Email is sent to you, the link will deactivate, and the vouchers will not be available for use or issued separately.
  11. Liberty Insurance will not be held responsible for your failure (i) to click on the link to access and download, print or otherwise save your voucher(s) within 90 days of the date the Voucher Confirmation Email is sent to you or (ii) to redeem your voucher(s) before the expiry date of the vouchers. 
  12. Each voucher is valid for 12 months and the 12-month validity period begins on the date you generate the voucher by clicking on your retail voucher of choice within the Gifty Portal. The voucher will have the expiry date displayed and must be used in full before this expiry date. The voucher will be presented for use as one €40 e-voucher for the retailer of your choice. 
  13. Should you be ‘declined’ a policy by Liberty Insurance, you will not be eligible for this Voucher Promotion. 
  14. Standard Underwriting acceptance criteria applies. Liberty Insurance reserves the right to refuse insurance cover. 
  15. No substitute or alternative vouchers will be available. Vouchers are not transferable for cash.
  16. Breach of these terms and conditions will result in disqualification from the Voucher Promotion. The decision of Liberty Insurance in this matter will be final.
  17. Neither WIN/WIN nor Liberty Insurance will be liable, severally or jointly, or have any responsibility, for lost or stolen vouchers. 
  18. Liberty Insurance reserves the right to amend, suspend or terminate the Voucher Promotion at any time
  19. WIN/WIN does not accept any responsibility or liability whatsoever for: a) Any technical failure or malfunction or any other problem in any network, system server, provider, delivery service or otherwise which may result in email information being lost or recorded and you hereby waive any claim whatsoever for any losses, costs, damages and expenses arising from such problems. b) Injury or damage to any person upon delivery or use of a voucher supplied pursuant to this Voucher Promotion.
  20. To the extent permitted by law, Liberty Insurance shall not be liable for any loss, claim, expense or liability to any party arising from the Voucher Promotion or participation in same.
  21. As participation in this Voucher Promotion is at the discretion of a voucher provider, Liberty Insurance cannot guarantee that the voucher providers listed will be available at all times for selection on WIN/WIN’s Gifty Portal.

Gifty Portal Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions for the Gifty portal can be found here

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