Irish School of Motoring

Terms and Conditions

  1. This offer is not automatically included when lessons are booked or taken. The pupil/policyholder must apply directly to ISM and then provide the unique ISM booking reference to Liberty Insurance by contacting the call centre.
  2. The pupil must hold a valid learner permit and must be a named driver on their parent’s policy with Liberty Insurance or take out their own policy with Liberty Insurance.
  3. Once the pupil/policyholder has provided Liberty Insurance with the ISM unique booking reference, Liberty Insurance will verify the booking with ISM and confirm this to the policyholder in writing.
  4. Once the pupil has completed a package of 12 Lessons with ISM within 180 days of the lesson package booking date, has been on cover for the minimum period of 90 days and has active insurance cover, Liberty Insurance will issue a rebate amount of €250. The rebate amount will be issued once Liberty Insurance has validated that the pupil has met the minimum time on cover, the pupil has active insurance cover as either a named driver on their parent's policy or their own policy and the lessons have been completed within the specified period. The €250 rebate / cash back is inclusive of statutory charges and any applicable service charge.
  5. The pupil named on the insurance must be the pupil who availed of the Irish School of Motoring lesson pack corresponding with the ISM unique booking reference. The 90 days minimum period as defined must be completed on the same policy for which the application was made.
  6. This offer only applies to Liberty Insurance private motor insurance policies issued in the Republic of Ireland.
  7. This offer is only available through the Liberty Insurance Call Centre and applies to Liberty Insurance private motor insurance policies. Policies administered through a broker or any other intermediary are not eligible for the offer.
  8. This offer is limited between the dates of 29/07/2011 and 31/03/2015.
  9. The pupil must apply for this offer within 90 days of booking the lessons package with ISM.
  10. The package of 12 ISM lessons must be completed within 180 days from the ISM lesson booking date.
  11. This offer may be used in combination with existing multi-product, credit card and online discounts, but cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion.
  12. This offer can only be used once per pupil and only one €250 rebate is allowed per year of the policy.
  13. Customers may not make a second application for this offer during any policy year in which the offer is already being applied for and/or a €250 rebate is paid.
  14. In order to qualify, the policy must fall within Liberty Insurance current risk acceptance criteria and Liberty Insurance reserve the right to refuse insurance.
  15. The €250 offer will be refunded by the original payment method of the policy. Where a policy is being paid by direct debit, the monthly instalments will be reduced appropriately. Where the policy was paid for by debit or credit card, the €250 will be credited to the original card used. Where the original payment by cheque, cash or postal orders the €250 will be credited by cheque to the policyholder.
  16. If the €250 is issued and the policy cancelled within the same policy period, Liberty Insurance has the right to deduct up to the full amount of €250 from any refund due.
  17. If there is an outstanding amount due on the policy, this amount will be deducted from the €250.
  18. In the event of a dispute regarding rules, the decision of Liberty Insurance will be final.
  19. The Irish School of Motoring is solely responsible for their promotional offer and Liberty Insurance does not accept any liability or responsibility for the ISM offer.