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Tenants home contents Insurance

Protect the stuff you love with insurance cover for tenants

Home Contents Insurance for Tenants

Just because you’re a tenant doesn’t mean you don’t have precious belongings that need protecting. At Liberty Insurance we offer a range of insurance cover options for tenants living in rented properties. So if you are a tenant and would like peace of mind knowing that your precious belonging are covered, we’ll give you a great contents insurance policy at an affordable price.

Isn’t my landlord responsible for contents insurance?

In a word, no. As owner of the property, the landlord should have home insurance in place to insure the structure of the building. This will more than likely cover their own property inside the building too, such as white goods, carpets, curtains, any furniture they own, etc. So when it comes to your own personal items such as clothes, jewellery, bikes, furniture and sports equipment, the landlord’s policy won’t cover you. This is why, as a tenant, you should take out contents insurance cover of your own. Otherwise, in the event of fire, theft or other damage, you could be left out of pocket.

Benefits of Tenants Insurance

Should the worst happen, our tenants insurance policies come with loads of features and benefits to help you protect the stuff you love.

“New-for-old” Contents Cover
In the event of a home insurance claim, if your belongings can’t be repaired we'll cover the cost of replacing them with brand new ones.

Emergency Home Repair 24 hour Helpline
An emergency can happen at anytime. Whatever time of the day or night you might need help, we’re here to give you advice and help you get in touch with trusted tradesmen, such as plumbers or electricians. Just call 1800 209 300 anytime.
Terms, conditions and exclusions apply.

Bicycle Cover
We cover a bicycle and its accessories up to €300. You can increase this cover to €600 by simply specifying the bicycle type.
Terms and conditions apply.

Replacement Locks
If your keys are stolen from your home or stolen from a member of your household during an assault, we will provide the cost of replacing locks to any outside door of the home up to the value of €650.
Terms and conditions apply.

Wedding and Christmas Gifts
For these occasions, we will increase your contents cover by 10%, for FREE!
Terms, conditions and exclusions apply.

Visitors Belongings
If a visitor’s property is lost or damage under your roof, we will cover up it up to €1,000. Terms and conditions apply.

Frozen Food
If the contents of your deep freezer or refrigerator are spoilt, we provide cover up to €700.
Terms and conditions apply.

Ready to get total peace of mind?
Get a quote for your tenant’s contents insurance. And if you’d like to find out more about the benefits of tenants insurance, read our tenants insurance blog post.

All home insurance benefits are subject to the terms and conditions of the policy. Normal underwriting rules and acceptance criteria apply. We reserve the right to refuse insurance cover.