5 Helpful Home Tips

Published on 9 April 2014
5 Helpful Home Tips

Fix those niggly annoyances with these 5 helpful home hacks.

How to clean up broken glass

If you’ve broken glass in the home, take some wet cotton wool and carefully dab the area to mop up tiny shards.



How to fix a sticking key

If your keys keep getting stuck in a lock, take a pencil and draw along each side of the key to make it turn smoothly. The pencil trick works on stuck clothes zips too!



How to organise tangled wires

There’s nothing worse than grabbling under a table trying to troubleshoot with electronic wires. Save yourself future trouble by labelling them with masking tape and a marker.



How to fix a bike puncture

Can’t find the leak in a punctured tyre? Hold the tube under water and look for bubbles, at the source you’ll find the place to patch.



How to fix a scratch on a wooden table

If you find unwanted scratches on your furniture, take a fresh walnut and rub it over the surface. Ta-da! See the difference in this video.



These are just some of the little things that make life that bit easier. For home emergencies and more information on Liberty Home Insurance, visit our website.