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Step back no claims protection

One claim won't knock your discount back to zero. 

European cover

Don't worry about driving your van in the UK or any country in the EU. We've got you covered with our cheap van insurance.

Audio protection

Your audio and fixed navigation gear are covered too. Sounds good? 

Check all cover and benefits of your van insurance

Every van driver has different needs. We know that at Liberty. Our cheap van insurance options offer a range of cover and benefits.

  Third party only Third-party fire & theft Comprehensive

Step Back No Claims Protection

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If you have earned four or more years No Claims Bonus, have peace of mind in knowing that one claim will not mean you need to start again. If you haven't opted for full bonus protection, you will keep part of your discount if you have four or more years built up:

a) Five+ years steps back to two-years discount.
b) Four years steps back to one-year discount.

If a second claim is made in the same insurance year, or if you have less than four years discount built up, the no claims discount will step back to zero years.


European Cover

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As well as providing cover in the territorial limits, we will also provide the minimum cover you need by law to use your vehicle in any country, which is a member of the European Union, and any other country which has made arrangements to meet the requirements of the Commission of European Union.

For full details, terms and conditions, please refer to the policy booklet which can be downloaded below.


Audio Cover

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For loss of or damage to radio-receiving or transmitting equipment, audio equipment, electronic navigation or radar detection equipment permanently fixed to the vehicle, the most we will pay is:
a) 5% of the value of the vehicle before the accident happened; or
b) €635; whichever is lower.


Protected No Claims Discount

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You can pay an extra premium for a protected No Claims Bonus extension once you have earned a No Claims Bonus of four years or more. You will keep that No Claims Bonus as long as no more than one claim arises during the period of insurance for which the extra premium applies.

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Windscreen Cover (less windscreen replacement excess)

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Windscreen repair and replacement* cover is included on all comprehensive polices with a gross vehicle weight of 3.5T or less. The cover is also offered as an optional extra on third-party fire and theft policies via our contact centre. We will pay the cost of repairing or replacing (less the excess) damaged or broken glass in the windscreen or windows of the vehicle.

a) As long as there has not been any other damage loss or damage.
b) The gross vehicle weight of the vehicle is less than 3.5 tonne and or/carrying capacity is less than two tonne. 

Claims under this section will not affect your No-Claims Bonus.

We will not pay for:
1. Any amount over €150 (less the excess) for replacement or €50 for repair work if the work is not carried out by our approved windscreen specialists.
2. Any more than two claims per vehicle under this section during the period of insurance.
3. Damaged or broken glass in sunroofs, canopies, panoramic roofs or panoramic windscreen or any bespoke glass fittings.
4. Damaged or broken glass to vehicles that are temporarily covered.
5. Damage caused by wear and tear or negligence.


For the full list of terms and conditions, please refer to the Car Insurance Policy booklet which can be downloaded below.

[*] Windscreen Replacement Excess applies should your windscreen be deemed unrepairable by the glass technician. You pay the first amount as outlined in your policy schedule and we pay the rest.

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Monthly Payment Plan

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Our flexible payment plan enables you to spread the cost of your insurance via monthly instalments. Choose to pay via cash, cheque, direct debit, credit or debit card.


Loss of Keys Cover

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We will provide cover if the vehicle keys or lock transmitter are lost or stolen, we will cover the cost of:
a. The door and boot locks.
b. The ignition and steering lock.
c. The lock transmitter.

The most we will pay under the above is €850.


Personal Accident

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We will pay you (the policyholder) or your legal representative €6,500 if you are accidentally injured while travelling in or getting into or out of the vehicle and within the following three months this injury alone results in:
a. Death.
b. Permanent loss of sight in one or both eyes.
c. Loss of one or more limbs.

The most we will pay in any one period of insurance is €6,500.


Medical Expenses

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We will pay for medical expenses up to €135 for each person injured if the vehicle is involved in an accident as long as there is no cover in force under another motor insurance policy.


Specified Trailer Cover

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We can provide cover for loss or damage to any trailer once same is specified in the policy schedule, the most we will pay for the loss or damage will be the market value of the trailer immediately before the loss or damage happened, however we will not pay more than the value of the trailer as shown in the schedule.

For full details, terms and conditions, please refer to the policy booklet which can be downloaded below.

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Unspecified Trailer Cover

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We will extend the cover to indemnify the insured from liability arising out of the use of any trailer attached to the insured vehicle or while detached.

For full details, terms and conditions, please refer to the policy booklet which can be downloaded below.


Fire Brigade Charges

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We will pay for local-authority charges (in line with the Fire Services Act 1981) for putting out a fire in your vehicle if the fire gives rise to a valid claim under the policy, or for removing the driver or passengers from your vehicle using cutting equipment. The most we will pay is €2,200.



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Managing your policy can be so simple

At Liberty, we know that in real life, not everything goes to plan. 

That's why in only a few minutes, you can get a cheap van insurance quote, change your van policy, add a cover option, pay for renewal or access all the documentation you need and save both money and time. 

That's Liberty.  

Any questions about van insurance? We're glad to help

This is a discount we offer if you haven't had a policy in your own name before, but have been a named driver on someone else's policy without any claims:

  • It works in the same way as a No Claims Bonus, so you get a discount on your premium for your experience.
  • To get the discount you must have been named on a private car.
  • The end date of the most recent named driving period must be within the last 24 months.
  • It must be at least one year, and each year must be a full 12 months.
  • This means there must be no more than 24 months in between driving periods and no more than 24 months since you have last been named on a policy.
  • For van insurance, you must have been named on a commercial van or truck policy.
  • If you qualify for the discount, you'll need to send us proof (a letter from the previous insurance company) once you start your policy.
  • Please note that Named Driver Experience earned on a Motorbike, Motor trade or fleet policies cannot be used on a Private Motor policy.

My Named Driving Experience is on a company car, is this accepted?

We accept a named driving discount for company cars as long as the car was specifically for your own use.

If you still work for the company and have the sole use of a car, we cannot accept this company's Car Driving experience.

You will need to provide a letter from the insurance company saying you were named on the policy and there were no claims.

If you were not named on the company policy, you need to provide:

  • Proof from the company who owned the car that you were the only driver of the car.
  • Proof from the insurance company or broker that there were no claims.

What if my Named Driving Experience is from outside ROI?

  • If your Named Driving Experience has been earned outside the Republic of Ireland, it must have been earned in the past 24 months, within the UK, all EU countries, USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand.
  • Once we receive proof of your named driving experience, we will contact your last insurer to confirm the document is valid.
  • We may need your help during this process, so we would request that you assist us with this. For example, we may ask you for contact details for your last insurer. We may also request that you contact your previous insurer to allow us to obtain information on your previous policy.
  • This process may take some time.
  • If we are unable to confirm your named driving experience this may result in the removal of your discount, hence your premium may increase.

What do I need to do next?

Once you buy your policy, you will need to provide us with proof of your named driving experience. To do this, you will need to send us a letter from each of your previous insurers to show the period you were a named driver on each policy and prove you were claim-free.

We cannot accept a Certificate of Insurance, proposal form, or Insurance Schedule of Insurance as proof of your named driving experience.

You can email a copy or clear photo of your named driving experience to us. You can contact us here. Remember to reference your policy or reference number clearly in any emails you send to us.

If you earned your Named Driving Experience with Liberty Insurance under a previous policy, please contact us to advise.

The van's stereo, sat nav, or other radio equipment will be covered up to €635 or 5% of the market vehicle value (whichever is lower) provided they are permanently fixed to the vehicle.

Personal possessions such as handbags, shopping, etc., are not covered, so please do not leave them in your van.

No Claims Bonus Protection is an optional extra on car, van, and motorcycle insurance policies, which means one claim in the insurance year will not affect your No Claims Bonus at all. After more than one claim, step back no claims protection will apply. Although you can protect your no claims discount, your premium may still be affected by any claims we pay.

Step back no claims applies if you have not opted to protect your No Claims Bonus. If you claim you can keep part of your no claims discount — five or more years no claims will step back to two years discount, four years step back to one year discount and three or less years will go back to zero years discount.

You must have at least four years of No Claims Bonus to avail of No Claims Bonus Protection.

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