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Buildings insurance

Affordable and fair home insurance, with all the benefits you need to feel secure.


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Contents insurance

Your belongings and favourite objects.
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Buildings & contents insurance

Get a protection package for your home that will cover you, should the worst happen. 


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Every home is precious. We know that at Liberty. 
We currently offer three types of home insurance cover: Buildings only, Contents only, and Buildings and Contents. 

  Building Content
Emergency Home Repair (applies to policies that have both buildings and contents covered only)
Emergency Home Repair 24-Hour Helpline 
Loss of Rent or Cost Alternative Accommodation 
Accidental Damage 
Optional Optional
Fire Brigade Charges  
New for Old Contents Cover  
Public Liability 
Access for Repairs 
All Risks  
N Optional
Replacement Locks up to €650  


Pedal Cycle Cover Away From the Home 
Personal Liability 
Title Deeds Cover up to €750  
Visitors’ Personal Belongings up to €1,000  
Frozen Foods up to €700 
Loss of Heating Oil up to €750 
Money up to €500 & Credit Cards up to €1,500  
Jury Service Cover: €25 per day, up to €700  
Fatal Injury Benefit: €5,000 
Wedding and Christmas Gifts 
Home Office Equipment  
Home Electric Vehicle Charging Points  
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Are you renting a house or are you a first-time buyer? We have home insurance that fits you

Insured House

First-time buyer

If you're buying your first house, home insurance is highly recommended. But you don't have to get it from your mortgage provider. At Liberty, we offer you great benefits of home insurance in your first year as a buyer. 

Get your home insurance quote, buy online and get up to nine weeks free*. That's Liberty. 

*Nine weeks of free home insurance includes five weeks free (10%) for policies online and an additional four weeks free (8%) for first-time buyer only. Maximum discount €40 for buildings and €15 for contents for the 10% discount. A first-time buyer is defined as a first-time buyer of home insurance for a property they own. Subject to minimum premium and applied before optional covers. Acceptance criteria, terms and conditions apply.  

Landlord getting insured

Landlord insurance

Being a landlord can be a challenging task. At Liberty, we can guarantee the best solutions to protect your properties and contents in case of fire or belongings damage, among others.

Get a custom-built policy covering only buildings or both buildings and contents.

Renters House Keys

Renters insurance

Just because you're renting a house, it doesn't mean you don't have precious belongings that need to be protected. 

At Liberty, we offer a range of insurance cover options for people living in rented properties like an Emergency Home Repair 24hr Helpline or a Replacement Locks service. 

Buy a contents insurance policy for renters at an affordable price, so you don't get left out of pocket.

manage my policy

Managing your policy can be so simple

At Liberty, we know that in real life, not everything goes to plan.

That's why in only a few minutes, you can change your home policy, add a cover option, pay for renewal or access all the documentation you need and save both money and time.

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Home insurance quotes are valid for seven days.

Underinsurance occurs when you don't have enough insurance to cover the cost to rebuild, reinstate, or replace your buildings or home contents. This can happen when these costs are inaccurately stated in your home insurance policy.

At Liberty, we want to protect your future by giving you all the information you need to avoid being underinsured. For more on underinsurance, click here

Our contents cover includes cover for valuables such as jewellery, items of  precious metals, timepieces, photographic equipment, works of art, antiques, furs, musical instruments, collections of stamps, curios, coins or medals.

Any individual item valued at over €3,000 should be listed individually on your home insurance policy. If you only want to cover these individual items whilst in the home you can specify them as high value items. If you would like to cover to be extended outside the home, you will need to specify the individual items as all risk items

More information is available in our policy booklet.

Emergency Home Repair comes as standard on all policies that have both bulidings and contents cover.

With Emergency Home Repair you are covered for emergency repairs for:

  • plumbing;
  • blocked drains and toilets;
  • internal electrics;
  • roof damage;
  • external glass; and
  • locks and keys.

So if something happens, like a blocked drain or roof damage, you’ll be happy to know you’ve access to qualified tradesmen 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You will be covered up to €260 for each emergency and up to four emergencies within the insurance year.

You can pay your premium by; phone, post or billpay in any post office, or call us to pay monthly.

You can also make a payment online. Please see below: 

The price we quote will include the insurance compensation fund levy of 2% and a 3% government levy. The only other charge which may apply is a service charge of 7.7% if you choose to pay for your insurance monthly.

Whoever owns the house, or is named on the mortgage should also be named as a joint policyholder on your home insurance policy.

Your home insurance .futureproofed