How to Make a Claim

Want to report a motor claim?

There’s never a good time to have a motor accident or a breakdown, but it’s good to know that if the worst should happen, help is available. 

Motor Claim

Accidents happen, but we want to get you back on the road in no time.

Report claim online


1800 771 800

Motor Breakdown

Call to get help if your vehicle has broken down or won't start. Available for policies that include breakdown assistance.

Windscreen repair

Call if your car's windscreen has been damaged. Our comprehensive motor policies include windscreen repair as standard.

Or do you need to make a home claim?

So many unpleasant things can happen to your house - a pipe that needs to be repaired, a loose slate on your roof or even a flood. In those moments, it's good to have Liberty close to hand. 

Home Claim

We want you and your family to feel safe at home every day.


Report claim online


1800 771 800

Emergency Home Repair

Call us on our Emergency Home Repair free phone number for those house emergencies that simply can't wait.

We take care of everything, so you don't have to.

We genuinely care about you

That's why we assign a dedicated claims buddy that will stand by you throughout the process and work to solve it as soon as possible. 

We won't keep you waiting

In an emergency, it's all about agile responses. That's why we answer 99% of claims-related calls in less than 40 seconds. 

We'll quickly address your claim

We promise to deliver a speedy and fair resolution, with 97% of claims settled without hassle or confusion.

Reporting a Motor Claim

We're ready and waiting to spring into action to sort your claim no matter when or how an incident happens. Check in advance what's covered by downloading your policy booklet.
Then, when you're ready to talk to us, we'll walk you through the claims process, making it as pain-free as possible and staying with you until we settle your claim.
Feel free to call us, or, if you prefer, you can email our dedicated Motor Claims team.
Call us when your vehicle breaks down or refuses to start. We'll give you roadside assistance 24/7, 365 days a year, covering mechanical breakdown, flat battery or fire, among others. And don't stress about the repair, as Liberty offers a Guaranteed Repair Network that will get you back on the road as quickly and efficiently as possible.
You can also contact us if your vehicle needs windscreen repair or if you have had a problem while travelling abroad. Liberty provides the minimum cover you need by law to use your car in any EU country.

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Home Insurance Claims

There's nothing more important to you and your family than your home. And to Liberty, there's nothing more important than making sure you get the home insurance you need. 
With Liberty Home Insurance, you get the support required if you need to make a claim. This means that if your pipes have burst or a slate has come loose on your roof, we're here for you 24h, 365 days a year, giving you all the help and advice that you need. 

We will cover the cost of up to 4 call outs, including the labour and materials necessary for the emergency repairs up to a maximum value of €260 (plus VAT for each emergency). And your No Claims Discount will not be affected. Contact us for Emergency Home Repair or, if you prefer, send an email to our dedicated Household claims team. 

See more about Home Insurance.

More questions on Motor and Home Claims

Car, taxi, van or motorcycle

Please ensure you have full details of the claim including:

  • policy number;
  • policyholder name and contact details;
  • date and location of incident;
  • circumstances surrounding the incident; and
  • third party details if applicable.


Please ensure you have full details of the claim including:

  • policy number;
  • policyholder name and contact details;
  • date and location of incident;
  • circumstances surrounding the incident;
  • estimated value if known;
  • risk address; and
  • details of any previous claims in last 5 years. 

Car, taxi, van, motorcycle or fleet

  • you should notify the Gardaí immediately
  • note the insurance details of the third party involved
  • note the names, addresses and phone numbers of any independent witnesses
  • do not admit liability; and
  • contact our Claims team here.
  • email our dedicated Motor claims team

We will then assign you a personal claims buddy, and deal with your claim as quickly and as hassle free as possible.

Car, van or fleet

The car or van's stereo, sat nav or other radio equipment will be covered up to €635 or 5% of the market vehicle value (whichever is lower) provided they are permanently fixed to the vehicle.

Personal possessions such as handbags, shopping etc are not covered, so please do not leave them in your car.

All claims and incidents that may give rise to a claim now or in the future, must be reported to Liberty Insurance immediately or as soon as practically possible.

You can contact us here.  


Yes, get the value of a brand new replacement item, with no amount taken off for wear and tear. If you make a valid claim for your contents, we will replace, repair or pay an amount to replace the item as new with an equivalent item.


Emergency Home Repair comes as standard on all policies that have both buildings and contents cover.

With Emergency Home Repair you are covered for emergency repairs for:

  • plumbing;
  • blocked drains and toilets;
  • internal electrics;
  • roof damage;
  • external glass; and
  • locks and keys.

So if something happens, like a blocked drain or roof damage, you’ll be happy to know you’ve access to qualified tradesmen 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You will be covered up to €260 for each emergency and up to four emergencies within the insurance year.