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Insurance 101

With Stuart Trotter Susan Hayes Culleton chats to Stuart about the basics of insurance – including what a policy is, what it contains and how a premium is calculated
Leona Dooley

Motor and Home Insurance

With Leona Dooley Leona tells Susan Hayes Culleton the difference between house and contents insurance, who to talk to about getting car insurance for the first time, and why insurance companies want to help motorists protect their driving record.
Eoin Lennon

Making a Claim

With Eoin Lennon With Eoin Lennon Susan Hayes Culleton talks to Eoin about what to do when you need to make a claim, the difference between making a claim and using a benefit, and how insurers’ job is to restore you to how things were before the incident happened.
Anne Marie Collins

Buying Insurance

With Anne Marie Collins Susan Hayes Culleton discusses with Anne Marie how to shop around and save money when buying insurance, the difference between insurers and brokers, and what tomorrow’s customers are looking for today.
Liberty Insurance

Underinsurance Explained

Published on 9 February 2024
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Published on 17 October 2023
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Tips for Driving Safely at Night

Driving at Night on Dark Roads

Published on 16 October 2023
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How to Change a Flat Tire Safely on the Side of a Road

How to Change a Flat Tyre Safely on the Side of a Road

Published on 15 August 2023
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What you really need to know about buying a house

What you really need to know about buying a house

Published on 15 August 2023
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What to do if you have a Car Accident

Published on 13 July 2023
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