Renters Insurance

From just €9.17 per month

Minimum premium €110. Based on a 29-year-old renting a three-bedroom mid-terrace house in Dublin 6. House built in 2000. Sum insured €20,000 contents. Excludes optional extras and fee to pay monthly. Terms and conditions apply.

What is Renters insurance?

At Liberty Insurance, we offer Contents insurance for renters. So, if you’re renting and would like the peace of mind of covering your precious belongings, our policies will provide great cover at an affordable price.

As owner of the property, the landlord should have Home insurance in place, which insures the structure itself and will likely cover their own property inside the structure, such as carpets, curtains, appliances etc. But when it comes to your personal items, the landlord’s policy doesn’t cover them and so you should consider taking out Contents insurance cover of your own. Otherwise, in the event of fire, theft or other damage, you could be left out of pocket. Another important consideration is if you share a house or apartment with someone. In this case, you should make your Contents insurance provider aware of the situation so that you’re covered in the event of a claim.

With Liberty Insurance, you can create a Renters insurance policy that covers only the contents element of your home with our New-for-Old promise.

Benefits of Renters insurance 

At Liberty Insurance, we understand that although you don’t own the home you live in right now you still may have precious belongings to be safeguarded. To help tenants protect their home contents should the worst happen, we can offer the following features and benefits within our policies:

Additional Renters insurance benefits

New-for-Old Contents Cover

It’s good to know that our New-for-Old promise means if the worst happens and you have a Renters insurance claim, if your belongings cannot be repaired we'll cover the cost of replacing them with brand new ones. Terms and conditions apply.

Emergency Home Repair Helpline

The 24hr Emergency Home Repair helpline puts you in touch with reputable tradesmen (such as a plumber or electrician) in the event of an emergency in your home. You can call us any time on 091 501 688. Terms, conditions and exclusions apply.

Replacement Locks

We provide cover up to €650 for the cost of replacing locks to any outside door of the home if the keys have been stolen from the home or stolen from a member of your household during an assault. Terms and conditions apply.

How much Renters insurance do I need?

The answer to this question depends on how much your contents are worth. A smart way of evaluating the value of your belongings is to calculate them room by room and if you happen to have kept your receipts, all the better.

Should you be thinking that Renters insurance is going to set you back, remember that using a high-quality lock or installing an alarm system can help reduce the cost.

Additional benefits

Wedding/Christmas Gifts

We increase contents cover by 10% for these occasions for free (increased by 10% of contents sum insured).

Visitor’s Belongings

We will cover up to €1,000 for the loss or damage to visitors' property. Terms and conditions apply.

Frozen Food

We provide cover for the contents of your deep freezer or refrigerator if they are spoilt, up to €700. Terms and conditions apply.

Pedal Cycle Away

Covering bicycles and accessories up to €600 for each cycle for loss or damage away from the home. You have the option to increase this up to €1,500 by purchasing additional pedal cycle cover.

Terms and conditions apply

So, get a quote for your Renters insurance today. Read our blog post on renters Contents insurance for more information. 

All Home insurance benefits are subject to the terms and conditions of the policy. Normal underwriting rules and acceptance criteria apply.  

We reserve the right to refuse insurance cover.

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