Choosing a driving instructor

Published on 12 January 2014

Choosing a driving instructor is now just as important as choosing a mechanic or finding a competitive car insurance quote. Gone are the days when a learner driver could sit their test after learning with a parent or older sibling. Under new Irish Legislation, every new driver must by law complete a course of 12 lessons with an approved instructor, but how do you choose which driving instructor to go with?

Firstly and most importantly, ensure that the driving instructor holds Approved Driving Instructor status. If they don’t, any lessons given will not count to the 12 compulsory lessons. Driving instructors will be happy to show any prospective customer their certificates and accreditations if asked.

Ask friends and family for recommendations. Driving instructors who have a good reputation and a good pass rate will often be booked up in advance, so drivers may have to be prepared to wait to get a slot with the best instructor in the area.

Most driving instructors are happy to work evenings and weekends to accommodate the working and studying patterns of their students, but it is wise to have an idea of when you want to take your lessons before contacting an instructor. Varying the time and day of lessons gives a broader driving experience than always having lessons at the same time of day.

Ask about the driving instructor’s pass rate. If they have a good degree of success in getting students through their driving test, they will be happy to share this information. Driving instructors who are reluctant to say how many students pass may have something to hide.