Driving Tips for Learner Drivers

Published on 17 January 2014

Learning to drive is one of those rites of passage that we all go through, usually in our late teens and early twenties. Many of us save, save and save some more to get our first car and our first Car insurance in Ireland set up so we can get our independence.

Everyone forgets what it was like when they were learning to drive, and is keen to pass on their wisdom to the younger generation. Some of this wisdom really isn’t worth listening to, but here are the top three tips which learners should bear in mind.


Driving Tips for Learner Drivers


Get as Much Practice as Possible

In addition to the 12 compulsory lessons before sitting your test, try to get someone to take you out as much as possible to practice your driving. This will build confidence and help you improve general driving skills.

Drive in Different Conditions

Most of us book a regular driving lesson, at the same time of the day and on the same day of the week. Try to get practice driving at night, in rush hour, at the weekend or when the schools are coming out. All of these situations require different driving styles.

Use Lots of Different Types of Roads

Where possible, drive on city or town streets, country roads and dual carriageways to get used to keeping to different speed limits and driving on different road types, before taking your test.

When you pass your test, ask someone to sit with you the first time you drive on a motorway, as motorways such as Dublin’s ring road in the rush hour can be daunting for the novice driver.


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