Fuel cards, discounts and savings

Published on 23 January 2014

If 2012 is about anything for drivers it should be about efficiency, we often look to save in other areas such as our car insurance quotes or even the cars themselves but we need to start thinking about saving on fuel.

Availing of fuel discounts will have a positive impact on your pocket. As the year begins, look out for any fuel savings available. Some local stores and petrol stations have joined forces to offer fuel savings to shoppers. Look at the back of your receipt, read the terms and conditions and enjoy cheaper fuel prices.

Fuel cards are another way that drivers can avail of cheaper prices. Fuel cards are similar to credit cards, in that they can be used at various stations and later charged to your accounts. You are then invoiced on a regular basis, and the money can be debited from your bank account.

Many fuel suppliers now offer a fuel card, which means the holders can use the cards to pay for petrol at any station in their network. The fuel suppliers win by gaining new and regular customers, while they attract those customers by offering discounts on the fuel.

Fuel cards were initially aimed at companies, and still hold many benefits for them but individuals can also own fuel cards. They offer you better control over fuel purchases and eliminate the need for you to carry cash. Many fuel suppliers will also offer points and reward schemes on the cards.

Shop around for your fuel card and make sure you find one that is suited to your needs best.

Happy driving.