Getting Any Driver Van insurance in Ireland

Published on 5 January 2017
Getting Any Driver Van insurance in Ireland

Need any driver van insurance in Ireland? Here’s everything you need to know.

If you run a business that relies on vans, then flexibility is probably important to you. For instance, your vans may need to be driven by different drivers on different days. There may be times of the year, like Christmas, when you need to hire extra van drivers, or your business may be transient, with new drivers coming and going with frequency. In these cases, an ‘any driver’ policy will save you lots of hassle, and valuable hours spent on administration and associated paperwork.

What is ‘any driver’ van insurance?
An ‘any driver’ van insurance policy simply means anyone is covered to drive your vans with your permission, without you having to name them individually on your policy. When you have multiple vehicles and multiple drivers, it keeps things much easier for you.

Are there any restrictions?
When you take out our fleet insurance, we’ll cover all drivers aged 25-70 with a full, clean European licence as standard. But if you have other drivers who won’t be covered by our open drive, just give us a call on 1890 944 412.

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