How to Tell if You Need New Tyres

Published on 21 January 2014

Very often, drivers underestimate the importance of ensuring that their tyres are in good condition. If your tyres are looking old and deteriorated, it's essential that a qualified tyre specialist checks them and changes them if needs be. Just like any other feature of a car, such as the tax, Car insurance and the NCT, you need to keep your tyres up to date.

How to Spot an Worn Tyre

Like the soles of your shoes after many long walks, tyres will become worn after continuous long journeys. You should look out for the following symptoms of an over-worn tyre:

  • The tread wear limit is below 1.6mm or the tread wear indicator bars are showing.
  • The tyre is damaged.
  • The tyre tread is distorted.
  • The main body of the tyre has become deformed.
  • Despite pumping your tyres, the inflation pressure keeps going down.
  • There’s a crack in the side wall of the tyre.
  • There are deep cuts on the tyre.
  • Bulges appear due to a weakening of the tyre.
  • You can feel vibrations through the tyre when driving.

Tyre Age and Assessing Quality

If your tyres are over 10 years old they should be replaced automatically. This includes the spare.

Tyres that have been stored and haven’t been in use can be affected by the ageing process. You should never place a tyre that has been in storage and is over six years old on your car.

You can check the age of your tyres by looking at the serial number on the tyre sidewall. The last four digits of that serial number usually refer to the date of manufacture.

If you tow a caravan or trailer, or use your car mostly in a coastal area, you should change your tyres more often, as they can age prematurely.


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