Indoor Family Activities

Published on 20 April 2020

Try something different to rule out boredom and bickering in your house. We are going ‘old-school’ with our list of indoor activities, to keep your family focused, connected and hopefully laughing!

1. Build a fort
A hideaway or fort will delight the younger age groups as they create an ‘adult-free’ zone. Cushions, blankets and their favourite toys will keep them busy as they delight in the novelty of having a space all to themselves.

This activity will keep everyone busy

2. Baking
This activity will keep everyone busy while also having the added benefit of sampling the baked delicacies. If baking isn’t where your talents lie, choose something simple like banana bread. Or pick a Betty Crocker mix where you just stir in water, egg and oil, and pop it into the oven. Remember, it should be enjoyable!

3. Cardboard box house
A large cardboard box, perhaps from new fridge or washing machine, allows creative minds to run wild as they get to decorate their new ‘home’. An adult can cut open flaps for the door and windows where needed for added fun. Kids will love the opportunity to play ‘house’ and if there are a few boxes then they can take turns visiting each other.

4. Indoor camping
If your tent is gathering dust in your attic, pull it down and set up an indoor camping experience. Sleeping bags, torches and a picnic will help set the tone and the best news is that there is no danger of the tent being blow away.

5. Card games
Older members of the family might enjoy learning some old school card games like Rummy, Beggar My Neighbour, Go Fish, Whist or Poker. Be warned, it could get a little competitive!

This is an easy way to be creative

6. Rock painting
This is an easy way to be creative if you want to do something a little different. Rocks decorated with monster faces or butterflies will brighten up any garden once they have dried completely. Stock up on some outdoor paint the next time you are near an art and hobby shop.

7. Treasure hunt
Hide a number of written clues in various places around the house and watch as your family tries to solve the riddles to lead them to the hidden treasure. The treasure could be a book or a coin for their piggy bank. The hunt could keep them busy for hours!

8. Pencil and paper games
Ditch the screens and pull out a pad and pencil and introduce the kids to hangman or ‘noughts and crosses’. These games are simple but clever and will take the family back to basics.

9. Indoor hopscotch
When the rainfall has sent you indoors, pull out some scotch tape and use it to make the outline for the number boxes of hopscotch. This will get hearts pumping and keep everyone laughing as they try to keep their balance.

10. Board games
Having a few board games at the ready is a good idea for when family members are cooped up and bored. Some of the old games are still the best, for instance Operation, Monopoly, Draughts, Buckaroo, Scrabble, Guess Who?, or Chess. Though not technically a board game, Twister gets a mention too, it always delivers on entertainment!

Hints can be given if needed

11. Blind box
Cut out a hole in the side of a shoe box, big enough for someone to stick their hand in and place an object in the box. Everyone takes turns reaching inside, feeling the object and trying to guess what it is. Hints can be given if needed and avoid using creepy crawlies!

12. Hot potato
Family members gather in a circle and pass around a small object, like a beanbag or teddy, while music plays. The person who is holding the object when the music stops is eliminated and the game continues with the remaining players. The last player standing is the winner.

13. Charades
No tools required! All you need is a good imagination, patience and a sense of humour. And remember, no talking!

14. Knitting
While knitting is often associated with an older generation, this activity has many benefits for the younger members of the family, such as helping to reduce stress and anxiety while also positively impacting mental functioning. Small, easy knitting projects will keep the interest alive for the novices, leave the Aran sweaters for the die-hard fans. The link below offers free and simple patterns suitable for beginners.

Reading a good book is a great pass time

15. Reading
Reading a good book is a great pass time all year round, but it is especially relaxing when sitting by a cosy fire in the evenings. Reading is a gift of a lifetime, make it a habit in your home.

There’s something here for everyone, so get baking, painting or camping! It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it should be fun! If you want to make sure your home is protected, call us for a Home Insurance quote on 1890 944 412.