Joe Canning Live Twitter Q&A

Published on 13 August 2014

Galway hurler Joe Canning took to Twitter for our latest live Q&A. Joe answered a combination of hurling and fun questions from fans, friends and former college teammates.

If you missed Joe Canning’s live Q&A, check out the answers below to see how he responded to some very interesting questions. 


Joe Canning Q&A


Q1: Do you ever get nervous before matches? via @Con950

Yes I do, of course, like anyone else. If you don’t get nervous, something is wrong I think.

Q2: If TJ Reid can hit the ball at 112 MPH, how many Supermacs snack boxes could you get through in 20 mins? via @RobTimony

I haven’t tried it yet Rob, but I’d be pretty disappointed if I didn’t eat at least five in 20 mins.

Q3: If you could join one team for a year who would it be and why? via @W_Valerie_W

I used to play some rugby when I was younger, so I would TRY play for Connacht. #outhalf

Q4: Joe, seeing as you ran a 10k last year, any plans for real run this year…the Dublin Marathon?!! @runningro

If you finish the @gaelforceevents in under five hours this weekend, I'll run it with you next year.

Q5: Do you think Conor McHugh will go far? @AmyBrett4

Well if you're talking about @conormchugh11 getting noticed in Magaluf, then I’d say he will go far. #magalufweekender

Q6: Hey Joe, do you play with a hurl that’s your ideal size, slightly long or slightly short from your ideal? @AnalysisGAA

I play with a touch smaller than a 36″. I’m fairly particular to be honest and very very fussy.

Q7: Who’s your favourite Fair City character? @ryanelainem

The cat is out of the bag now that I OCCASIONALLY watch it, but my fav @RTEFairCity character is Damo.

Q8: Strongest player you’ve ever had to mark? @FionaNiF14

The strongest player I ever had to mark would def have to be @dsully3. #unit

Q9: Snog, marry or avoid – Cyril Farrell, Eddie Brennan & Ger Loughnane? #GAAQnA via @AilbheNC

I’d Snog @NedzerB13 #fasteddie. I would avoid Cyril, as I see him down home a lot #parishtalk, and marry Ger. #soundman

Q10: Hi Joe. Where do you think the game was won and lost yesterday? via @HylandWillie

I don’t think @paudie8 and @gavinom6 had anything to do with it anyway. bigbill #baalbecboys

Q11: Would you rather be attacked by 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck? @wilig14

Well in this weather Willie, one horse-sized duck might be handy. #dayfortheducks

Q12: Did you support the Galway camogie team last year? @deedocod

Yes of course I did Dee, it was a brilliant achievement from @GalwayCamogie96 and one we will hopefully regain again this year.

Q13: Joe, will there ever be a boy born that can swim faster than a shark? via @Horganator2000

What kind of a person thinks of this kind of a question? #toomuchtimeonyourhands

Q14: Which Canning is your fav sibling? @mscar2000

If I don’t say my sister Deirdre, I’ll be dead when I get home. #safeashouses

Q15: So Joe, easier hosting a @LibertyIRL breakfast @CrokePark or a 7 a.m. training session with the lads? @SportforBusines

Both the same if I’m honest Rob, although I get a better breakfast in @CrokePark #poachedeggs

Q16: How did it feel to be playing minor at inter-county level when you were just 15 years old? @ethan_keane

I suppose I didn’t think too much about it at the time, I just wanted to play, didn’t think of the pressure.

Q17: How do you get that silky smooth finish to your hair? @PodgeCollins

Well Podgeeeen, it’s a little thing called gel and if you need some just ask. #babyfacepodge

Q18: Why do you think Galway isn’t as successful as the likes of Kilkenny considering the squads are pretty even? @JackCol535

I think we have been more successful at the football if I’m not mistaken. #gaillimhabú

Q19: Who do you think will win the u21 championship this year? @evelyn_barry

Galway. #inthebag

Q20: Who is your style icon? via @Danielle8K

Totally different but I like @pgal10 and @boringkearney. #coolguys #qualitystreet


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