Liberty Insurance All-Ireland Camogie Championships

Published on 6 June 2018

Liberty Insurance support female sport with €2.5million investment over next 3 years.

We at Liberty Insurance are delighted to announce our strengthening commitment to both Camogie and women’s sport in Ireland. We have been proud supporters of Camogie over the past 5 years and are very pleased to extend our sponsorship of the All-Ireland Camogie Championships. In addition, Liberty Insurance will invest €2.5 million in sponsorship, research and promotion of women in sport over the next 3 years.

In 2017, Liberty Insurance sponsored the first ever Camogie All-Stars tour in Madrid and we have also run a number of club intitiatives to capture the imagination of young Camogie players throughout the country. Attendance and media coverage of Camogie have been increasing ever since, and we want to help continue that positive uplift. This new sponsorship solidifies our commitment to those playing, coaching and volunteering at all levels of the sport, with support extending down through the Senior, Intermediate and Junior levels and beyond.

Liberty Insurance also has a history of supporting female sporting role models through its brand ambassador programme, which includes Irish sporting heroes Annalise Murphy, Mags D’Arcy, the Wexford Camogie star; Olympian Natalya Coyle; and former Ireland rugby captain Fiona Coghlan. With research continually showing that teenage girls have the highest fall-off in sport participation in Ireland, an increased focus on women in sport is needed to facilitate benefits on an individual and societal level. Liberty Insurance strive to raise the profile and recognition of women in sport and drive participation and engagement, something which has really gained traction in the past 5 years.

Commenting on the continued commitment to the Camogie Association and the increased investment in women in sport, Deirdre Ashe, Director of Customer & Markets at Liberty Insurance, said:
“We passionately encourage more involvement and participation in Camogie and all sport. Through our work with Camogie players, we know that the sport brings a wealth of skills and experience to girls and women in cities, towns and villages across the country,” added Ms Ashe.

In addition to overall support for the Championships, Liberty Insurance have also launched a new campaign called ‘Camogie Made Me Ready For The Real World’. It’s a campaign designed to show that attributes such as confidence, focus, organisational skills and resilience demonstrated on the field can be applied off the pitch in other aspects of players lives.


Speaking on the campaign, Ms. Ashe said: “Our ‘Camogie Made Me Ready For The Real World’ campaign differs from traditional advertising campaigns in that it heroes a number of Camogie players and showcases the off-pitch aspects of their lives. We want to highlight to young girls that sport can help you in so many ways in your life and help you succeed where you might not have otherwise.”

Watch this space for more on our new campaign and other Camogie initiatives to come throughout the summer….