Liberty Insurance: Ready for the Xmas Road

Published on 1 December 2017

Christmas can bring with it a lot of extra challenges for roads users. Whether it’s snow, ice or low light conditions, or simply getting through the traffic to pick up your Xmas tree. Here are our top tips to get you Ready for the Xmas Road.


Get Road Ready


  1. Christmas means lots of lights, bells and sparkles, but don’t get distracted. Taking your eyes off the road for even two seconds triples your chances of an accident, so keep your eyes focused on the road.
  2. Irish winters don't make for great driving conditions. If the road is wet or icy, your stopping distance increases significantly. Make sure there is four seconds distance between you and the car in front of you.
  3. Watch out for what you can’t see. Black ice can form under shaded areas on the road, which can cause skidding. Make sure to take extra care in these areas.
  4. Many people are making long journeys home or visiting family and friends at Christmas. If you’re driving, be sure to have enough fuel for your journey, as some petrol stations may close over the festive season.
  5. There are significant differences between driving in rural and urban areas. If you’re leaving the city to drive home for Christmas, be aware of changes in the road such as the narrowing of roads, bumps and turns. Take your time.
  6. 62% of drivers feel nervous driving in bad weather. If you’re nervous, limit the number of passengers you take. The less people in a car, the more focused you can be on the road.
  7. Fog is more dangerous during the Christmas period as day light is at an all-time low. And did you know that drivers in Dublin are the least confident in foggy conditions? If you get caught in fog, drive slow and make sure to use your fog lights.
  8. Winter sun in Ireland? Yes, it can happen! And when it does, keep your shades at hand. Winter sun can be blinding, especially if the ground is covered in snow.
  9. When there's snow on the ground, remain in a high gear but avoid pressing hard on the accelerator. If you need to stop, push down gently on the brake.
  10. Christmas is a time for celebrations, which can mean lots of late nights and less sleep than you're used to. Make sure you’re alert while driving and if you start to feel tired, pull over and have a coffee.
  11. If you’re not at your best after a Christmas party, don’t risk it on the road. Leave the car at home and take a taxi or public transport.

Remember, accidents can happen anytime, even at Christmas, but we’re here to help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Contact our Claims team here in the event you need us. If possible, have your car insurance or home insurance policy number to hand and we’ll take care of the rest.

And of course, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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