Twitter Q&A with Camogie star Mags D’arcy

Published on 26 August 2016

Wexford camogie player Mags D’Arcy has been a world-beater between the sticks for the Wexford Camogie team since 2003, earning an impressive four All-Ireland and three National League titles.

She joined us this week at Liberty headquarters to answer your questions in the latest of our Live Twitter series #SupportHerSport Q&As. If you didn’t catch it live, check out our recap of all her answers below.


Mags D’arcy Q&A


Q1. @SportforBusines: Was it always Camogie or were there other sports that you tried as a youngster?

MD: Played plenty: hockey, football, basketball, but especially liked chess!

Q2. @melarkeyl: Mags who is your favourite/the hottest hurler?!

MD: Hottest skills - @_tjreid, @BrenCummins1 was a favourite of mine growing up.

Q3. @jkearneyclon: Who is the best referee you have had while playing at senior inter-county level?

MD: The best referee is always the next one :)

Q4. @richie_dunne: You could change one rule or add something to the game of camogie, what would it be?

MD: Legalise the shoulder and get rid of the handpass goals.

Q5. @Sh6un6byrne: What's the most memorable match you've ever played?

MD: Has to be with @ChildFundIRL in Ethiopia this April.

Q6. @Robert33robert3: Mags Darcy what sport would you be playing if not camogie?

MD: Golf!

Q7. @MarieGreenan1: What is the most memorable save you've made?

MD: I only have 140 characters :) I think my backs have saved me more!

Q8. @sportswomenIRL: How do we get more bums on seats for the women's game both in camogie and football?

MD: Amalgamate with @officialgaa – market expands, revenue grows, players & clubs win = sustainability.

Q9. @OfficialCamogie: Who is your female role model?

MD: Growing up Aine Codd @StMartinsGAA, I respect any female athlete who can be their own person.

Q10. @runningro: When muscles are sore & tired, it's wet, windy & cold – how do you motivate yourself to go out & train?

MD: Always think of the bigger picture, helps having great girls to train with in @wexfordcamogie.

Q11. @Killian_Whelan: In a crucial time for mental health, how do you achieve balance?

MD: Try get to the beach as much as possible – headphones in @CornerBoy2 creates plenty of mindfulness.

Q12. @ShaneRooD15: How many nights a week do you train and how do you balance working and training?

MD: Balance both with a great employer @ucddublin. Travel to @wexfordcamogie 3 times per week & 2 in the gym.

Q13. @SportforBusines: Was there one moment in your rehab when you realised you were going to make it back?

MD: Always knew I would make it back, even if there were some sleepless nights. Mind over matter at times.

Q14. @__Tom__136: Do you have any pre-game superstitions?

MD: I change my hurling grip before every championship game. Costs me a fortune :)

Q15. @ryanelainem: With this lovely weather today, what would be your ideal getaway?

MD: A beach in Portugal or Croatia with some great company @walshie101.

Q16. @stevecaul: What advice would you give the 7 year-old you if you could travel back in time?

MD: Play as many sports as you can & don't let your granny cut your hair!

Q17. @Bunnygolf: If you could go to Tokyo in 2020 which sport would you chose & why?

MD: Golf...just need to acquire the backing of a sponsor...@LibertyIRL :)

Q18. @bryanmcmahon93: Of all the championships & awards you have won, what one sticks out in your mind as most memorable?

MD: Beating @OulartB in Oulart with @StMartinsGAA at a U-11 boys ground hurling Tournament. Rare victory!

Q19. @TimmyHammersley: What was your Ethiopian experience like?

MD: Eye-opening, beautiful country. Camogie became our international language.

Q20. @keithreynolds10: Is there any other exercise you do to prepare for the camogie season?

MD: Functional strength work with @desearls, gave me the platform to train harder this year.

We’d like to give a huge thank you to @magsdarcy for taking part in our #SupportHerSport Q&A. She handled the pressure (as ever) with poise and a wicked sense of humour.

Also, a big thank-you to everyone who got involved and took part using #SupportHerSport. Check out that hashtag as well as #GAAQ&A on Twitter to find all of our other Q&A sessions from legends including Annalise Murphy, Claire Lambe, Jackie Tyrell, Ger Cunningham, Sonia O’Sullivan, Richie Hogan, Anna Geary, Briege Corkery and Joe Canning.

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