What are Connected Cars?

Published on 26 February 2020
What are Connected Cars?

a vehicle that is equipped with its own connection to the internet

Our driving experience, as we know it, is going to change drastically in the next ten years. Connected cars, electric cars, augmented reality and driverless cars promise to dramatically improve existing car safety, functionality and capability. A connected car, for instance will ensure that the driver never feels cut off from the world on a long journey, as they always have the option to connect via their car’s own internet service.In simple terms, a connected car is a vehicle that is equipped with its own connection to the internet, usually via a wireless local area network (WLAN). This enables the car to share wi-fi and data with nearby devices and other connected cars. It also connects to services outside the car that are useful in terms of navigation, safety and convenience.

A connected car can access real-time traffic information and alert you to any potential hold-ups on your route. It will offer you a detour to avoid the traffic jam, saving you time and reducing congestion. Connected cars can also access information from traffic lights, road signs, lane markings and roadwork sites for navigation advice such as temporary lights or a sharp bend in the road ahead. Because connected cars can connect to each other and the road network infrastructure, this technology will play a vital role in the navigation of autonomous vehicles on our roads.

EU legislation has made it mandatory for all new models of cars sold from the 31 March 2018 to have a system that can contact the emergency services when the vehicle has been in an accident. eCall is a system used in vehicles across the EU which automatically makes a free emergency call if you have been involved in a serious road accident. You can also activate eCall manually by pushing a button. The system uses GPS data to pinpoint the car’s location and alerts the emergency services to your whereabouts. (1)

allows drivers to connect to their cars through their smartphones

Currently, car manufacturers are connecting their vehicles in two ways: embedded and tethered. Embedded vehicles use a built-in antenna and chipset, while tethered connections make use of hardware that allows drivers to connect to their cars through their smartphones. The new connected technology will allow you to remotely start your vehicle, check the fuel level, unlock the doors, and more through your smartphone, from the warmth of your home.

This new technology promises to overhaul our usual ways of doing everyday tasks. A concierge service can connect you to a customer service provider to get information and directions, and possibly book a restaurant or appointment. Your own wi-fi hotspot will enable you to share internet access with your passengers, keeping everyone entertained on long journeys.

While there will be questions around the extent to which companies can use and benefit from data gathered through this connectivity, there is no doubt that sharing information will improve road safety, ease congestion and take you through your day with ease. Take the stress out of driving by choosing the right car insurance provider, call us now on 1890944 412 to learn about our reliable insurance that has many additional benefits. Subject to terms and conditions.

  (1) The interoperable EU-wide eCall, European Commission https://ec.europa.eu/transport/themes/its/road/action_plan/ecall_en