Where to Park Around College Campuses (and How to Save!)

Published on 24 September 2019

And so, it’s back to the real world. The books are out once again and the sun has gone in (no surprise there really!). The summer has ended and now it's time to head back to college. But never fear, we’re here to help you get ready. 

If you have to travel to college by car, the first challenge is parking – then parallel parking. There's nothing worse than circling the campus car park, thinking you could have just stayed in bed a little longer.

But let’s face it, parking anywhere in the country is going to be expensive on a day-to-day basis. You have much better things to be spending your money on so if you can use public transport, we would recommend it. However, we have done a little research and have come up with a handy list of spots to park that are, well, at least not going to totally break the bank. So get the aux out, put on a tune, and own this college year.

Dublin Students

For any students attending lectures around the City Centre, there are some decent shopper special offers to take advantage of.

Q Park on Dawson St is just a short walk to Trinity, and they offer a four-hour special for €15.

The Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre car park is close to both DIT Aungier Street and Trinity, and they have a five-hour special available for €14. 

Another handy City Centre option is the Q Park at Clerys, with another five-hour special available for €14. 

If you don’t mind a few minutes’ walk down Dame Street, the cheapest five-hour option we found was in Q Park Christchurch for just €11.

Those attending UCD will be familiar with how quickly the on campus car parks can fill up. Parkpnp is a great option here. It’s a site that allows you to input your location and it will locate the closest available parking spaces and let you know the price there and then. There are some residential listings available – people who rent out their driveways as parking spaces. Book these in advance if you get the chance and if you’re lucky they might be friendly and offer you a cup of tea!

Galway Students

NUIG students have some alternatives when it comes to on-campus parking. There's a park and ride facility on the Newcastle Road. The buses run every 15 minutes during peak time and every 30 mins thereafter. It costs €1.50 per hour or €6 for the day to park in the park and ride car park.

Cork Students

UCC students have three park and ride car parks available to them: Pouladuff, Dennehy’s Cross, and Black Ash. The shuttle buses operate every 15 minutes during peak times. UCC also offers students who carpool a guaranteed parking space on campus before 10 a.m.

Limerick Students

UL students can also take advantage of some residential parking spots available on parkpnp.com when the campus car parks fill up.


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So, we hope this information helps you and, again, if you can travel by public transport, do so as it’s cheaper and greener.

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