Winter Energy Saving Tips For Your Home

Published on 22 October 2019

There is a definite chill in the air, the evenings are getting darker, and it’s all too easy to flick the switch for instant light and heat. If you don’t want to dread your winter energy bills, follow our tips below to make a few smart choices and savvy savings.


Top Energy Saving Tips



Heavy quilted curtains can prevent heat from escaping through windows and draft excluders at the bottom of doors will also keep the heat inside.


If possible, consider attic and cavity wall insulation, as you could save 30-40% on your home heating bill. A lagging jacket on your hot water tank is also a good idea to keep your water hotter for longer.


If your radiators aren’t as hot as they should be, there may be bubbles of air trapped inside preventing the hot water from flowing freely. To remedy this, you'll need to bleed the radiators to get rid of the pockets of air. If there isn’t a bleed valve on your radiator, you can easily pick up a radiator key in a hardware shop and find tutorial videos online.

Place Radiator Foil behind central heating radiators to improve heat output, conserve energy, and reduce your heating bills. Instead of the heat being lost through the outside wall it reflects, it back to the room where it won’t be wasted.


By turning your heat down one or two degrees, it can have a positive impact on your heating bill. If you find it much colder, put on a jumper or snuggle up with a blanket on the couch. 

If you're tired of paying for heating the house when you're unexpectedly working late, maybe it’s time to consider remote heating controls which allow you to control your heating from your smartphone, tablet or computer. And if you use a stove in your home, a stove fan will help distribute heat evenly throughout the room. 

Hot Water

If you use an immersion to heat your water, be sure to turn it off when it's not needed. Consider installing an Instant Hot Water Tap, which allows you to produce instant hot water without the need to turn on your immersion or central heating. The tap connects up to your cold water supply and through an internal electric heating element you can run hot or cold water. It's estimated to save 70% on your energy bill when compared against using the immersion to heat your water.


Turn off lights when you're leaving a room and use energy-saving LED bulbs. A low energy bulb uses 80%-90% less electricity than a standard bulb and will last up to 10 times longer.

If you're planning on putting up outdoor lights for Halloween and Christmas, consider using LED lights as they're powered by the sun and will reduce your energy costs.


Most energy suppliers offer substantial discounts to new customers signing up, and these discounts last for the duration of your contract, so it might be time to compare and switch. All you need is your MPRN, your GPRN and a recent meter reading.

You can save energy by washing your clothes and dishes at a lower temperature on an eco-wash. Avoid using your tumble dryer if possible, and instead use a clothes horse.

If it's time to replace a fridge, dishwasher, or washing machine, consider a model with a good energy rating. Most modern appliances are more efficient than older models, but the rating will help you choose the most efficient model which saves on energy.
If you want to track your electricity usage, think about installing an electricity monitor. For example, it will tell you how much electricity you use when you keep re-boiling the kettle. What you learn will help change your usage habits and reduce your energy bill.

Nightsaver Meter

Another useful option is to use a Nightsaver Meter, where customers can avail of a reduced electricity rate by night. Speak to your energy provider before you decide as it may not suit all households.


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This winter, pull on the woolly socks and blanket, pay attention to your energy consumption, and you’ll be jumping for joy when you see the savings on your energy bills. Make sure your home is covered this winter with Liberty Insurance - get an online quote today.


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