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Looking for great value motorcycle insurance in Ireland?

Life’s complicated enough. So we’ve made buying motorcycle insurance simple and fair, with all the benefits you’d expect and more. That’s bike insurance that’s Ready for the Real World.

Motorcycle Policy features and benefits

Everyday’s a good day for a bike ride, especially when you’ve got the perfect motorcycle cover. A Liberty Insurance motorbike policy doesn’t just give you good value. It comes with free 24/7 roadside assistance, discounts for safe riders and lots more.

Learn more about the difference between Third party, Third party Fire and Theft and Comprehensive Insurance
Comprehensive Comp *
Third Party Fire & Theft TPFT *
Third Party TP *
Step back no claims protection
If you have earned 4 or more years no claims bonus, have peace of mind in knowing that one claim will not mean you need to start again. If you haven't opted for full bonus protection, you will keep part of your discount if you have 4 or more years built up.

5+ years steps back to 2 years discount
4 years steps back to 1 year discount

If a second claim is made in the same insurance year, or if you have less than 4 years discount built up, the no claims discount will step back to 0 years.
Breakdown assist (including home-start)
For those days when your motorcycle won't start or breaks down at the side of the road, use our free 24-hour breakdown cover (including home start). Using this breakdown assistance will not affect your no-claims bonus.

If you cannot drive the motorcycle as a result of a breakdown, we will arrange and pay for:
1. one hour’s labour at the roadside or at your home; and
2. towing the motorcycle to the nearest competent repairer or to a garage of your choice, whichever is closer.

If the repairs cannot be completed where the motorcycle broke down and you are away from home, we can arrange and pay for one of the following.
1. Transport for you and your passenger to your intended destination, within the territorial limits, up to €35 for each person and €70 in total; or
2. bed-and-breakfast only accommodation for one night only while repairs are being carried out, up to €35 (£35) for each person and €70 (£70) in total.
The help provided depends on the options available to us at the time you contact us.

Exclusions apply. For full terms and conditions please refer to the policy booklet, which can be downloaded below.
No claims discount protection
You can pay an extra premium for a protected no-claims bonus extension once you have earned a no-claims bonus of four years or more.

You will keep that no-claims bonus as long as no more than one claim arises during the period of insurance for which the extra premium applies.

For further information, please refer to the policy booklet, which can be downloaded below.

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Why choose Liberty Insurance Ireland

At Liberty Insurance we know that in the real world, not everything goes to plan. We’re here to help get you back up and running without hassle or fuss.

Dedicated claims buddy. | Liberty Motorcycle Insurance

Claims Buddy

Dedicated claims buddy. 97%* of claims settled without a quibble.
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Customer Reviews

82% of our customers have awarded us 5 stars reviews on Trustpilot.
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Loyal Customers

Up to 180,000 customers return to Liberty Insurance every year.

* Correct as of 01/12/2018.

Insurance that's ready for the Real World

We reward loyalty and so we’ll give you and your live-in partner up to 10% off every additional Liberty Insurance policy you take out. This applies to any type of policy: motorbike, car, home or van.
No biker wants to make a claim but it could happen. So it’s reassuring to know that if you’ve accrued four or more years of no claims discount and you do have to claim, we’ll automatically protect part of your discount in recognition of your safe biking history.
If your bike breaks down or won’t start, you won’t be on your own for long. Every Liberty Insurance motorcycle policy comes with free 24/7 breakdown assistance and using it won’t affect your no claims bonus.