Motorcycle Insurance as it should be, for Ireland.

Your motorcycle insurance should give you good value for money, without compromising on the cover. We’ve combined the cover you need with great discounts for safer motorbike riders.

Free Motorbike Breakdown Cover Available

Free breakdown assistance (inc. home start)

Your cover comes with roadside assistance and home-start, both in Ireland and Northern Ireland 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If we can’t fix the problem at the roadside, we’ll bring your motorcycle to a garage.

Terms and conditions apply.

No Claims Protection

Step back no claims protection

A claim on your motorcycle insurance doesn’t mean you’ll lose your full no claims discount if you’ve built up 4 or more years. We believe your experience should be taken into consideration, even if you do need to claim, so we’ll automatically protect part of your discount.

If you have five or more years no claims discount, you will keep two years after one claim, If you have four years discount, you will keep one year after your first claim.

Motorcycle Rider Skills Assessment

Rider skills assessment discount

Save yourself money at the same time as improving your motorbike skills. Complete a rider skills assessment with one of our many approved motorcycling assessors across the country and make big savings.

Discounts are given based on the level you achieve in your assessment. 

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